Sunday, October 24, 2010

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights + Devil's Night Drive-In

Friday I went to Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights and on Saturday I had to cancel going to the Diamond Gals Gal-loween party because I had prior family commitments to go to the Devil's Night Drive-In with my boyfriend and his mom. I was really bummed about it especially because I wanted to do the raffle (I love Dolly Wink's stuff but would never pay for it since it costs so much!), but I'll just make it up to the girls another time.

Outfit and makeup shot for Friday:
I'm not really sure if I like the waist belt with the cardigan wrap, but I thought at the same time it was kinda "vampy" looking which I guess is good for Halloween... so I kept it. :3 It makes me look really pear-shaped in this photo though and my legs look AWFUL.
Outfit info:
Top: Jun Komori x Vanquish
Cardigan: Uniqlo
Waist Belt: Wet Seal
Shorts: Wet Seal
Stockings: Kirei Plaza
I changed up the eyeshadow (2 shades of gold eyeshadow from Urban Decay) but kept the rest of my look pretty much the same as I usually do. Wearing my usual Diamond Lashes Glamorous and Lovely eyes :D I'm glad I got a good makeup shot because at Universal I kept getting squirt by the actors so I had to take my lashes off :'(

Universal-wise, their Halloween Haunt is still way better than Knott's Scary Farm. Universal releases the majority of horror movies so they make their mazes movie-themed and is generally higher budgeted. I was probably the most scared at the House of 1000 Corpses maze because I'm not a big fan of clowns (one of the main characters is one). It was a 3D maze and while the 3D was very subtle it worked really well, unlike the ones at Knott's.

Outfit and makeup shot for Saturday:
I changed my usual makeup just to play around. Wearing 2 different shades of purple Urban Decay shadows, top lashes were from Ranzuki's October issue and my bottom lashes were my usual Diamond Lashes Lovely eye. There's a heart because one of the bottom lashes was falling off when I took this LOL
I wore my Uniqlo cardigan wrap again! I wanted to originally wear my Biker jacket with this outfit to make it more casual, but I couldn't find it and ran out of time :(
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Wet Seal (you can buy it here if you please, it's a new item!)
Necklace: Forever 21
Cardigan: Uniqlo

They were playing The Lost Boys at the Devil's Night Drive-In, which is one of my favorite movies and the reason why my boyfriend's mom got tickets for it. It's in Downtown LA near the Fashion District on the roof of a parking structure. It was a very cool setting to watch a movie, and we're probably going to go again in January to see The Warriors.

In other news, I'll probably do a post about eyelashes! November's issue of ageha featured an article about the top 3 eyelashes (top and bottom) that the models use, and will elaborate more soon :D

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