Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mitsuwa, some gets and Spirit day

I've had a tiring day and my cellphone has really sucked! After returning home from my first class I took a nap, only to wake up to see my phone frozen and only had about 5 minutes to leave my house to go back to school. It was my Biology lab and luckily he gave us the option to leave once he explained what the assignment was. I left early because I hadn't eaten and could barely concentrate, so I headed to Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa, CA for some food.
Walking in I saw they were setting up for the next food fair 秋のうまいもの市 (Fall Gourmet Food Fair) and saw this:
While I was happy they were going to be having crepes, I didn't know until I got home that they were going to be Marion Crepes! Yes, the same shop as the famous crepe store on Harajuku's Takeshita Doori. While I'm pretty biased towards Angel Heart Crepes (Cheesie from Cheeserland made a post about it here), it's still really exciting to get Harajuku crepes since I had to cancel my Japan trip this winter.

After getting some food (Shrimp Tempura musubi FTW!), I went to Sanseido and checked to see if they got the newest issues of the gal magazines. Indeed they did!
I actually only started getting magazines again last month for the first time in probably about 2 years. I picked up October's ageha though last month, so I kind of know what to expect *_* I have homework to do after I post this so I only looked briefly through ageha and picked 2 pages to post:
Yumetenbo meets ageha models Guri & Gura for their own collection. A lot of the pieces are really cute and sexy and can be found here.

I thought it was interesting that they showed models with their natural lids and how they enhance them (with eyelid tape or glue).
I also received this in the mail today from eBay:
You're probably thinking "What in the hell are those yellow balls?", unless you've seen Becci from Kira Kira Dreams post about them. They're these sponge curlers that you put in when your hair is still damp and you can sleep with them on or blow dry with them in. I bought them from the seller hi-etech on eBay for under $5, and also got some false eyelashes just for the fun of it. I don't like normal eyelashes usually (I'm more partial to gal-styled ones like Diamond Lashes), but I think they'll be good for daily use or for layering.

Last but not least, here's part of my Spirit Day outfit. I looked like so much shit in it since it was from the end of the day (around 11pm and started at 8am)
It looked better with my trench coat and boots on, but I didn't have them in this picture. Also should've taken a picture of the back, it was open and it exposed a white leopard print cami I wore underneath :D


  1. hhahh when reading this, i asked myself the same thing LOL "what are those cute little yellow balls"!!!
    thats terribly clever! >:]

  2. I have the same lashes!!! I really like them, and those yellow curlers are so cute!!

    So jealous of the mags....closest place near me where I can buy them is four hours away!

  3. @ Tomo
    It is clever, but I think I'm not using them right :'( Or I just sleep really awkward because my hair was barely wavey when I woke up.

    @ PeachPixie
    That's good that you like them, I'll try them out in the future :D and I'm sorry that getting magazines is far away! But at least you can get them periodically, there's probably some people that don't even have access to them in their state :'( But tbh they're not horribly worth getting every month so you're not missing much :)