Friday, December 31, 2010

Outfit from yesterday and plans for today!

A big Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone will have a great year coming :D

Tony's family and I went to see West Side Story in Hollywood yesterday and his mom wanted us to be dressy~

I did my hair and wore my Liz Lisa knockoff dress. I don't really like dressing hime-kei at all since I used to wear a lot of Tralala back a few years ago, but I got this dress in case of certain occasions where my agejo dresses wouldn't work ^^;;
Makeup shot for that day. I wanted to use natural lighting but it was starting to get dark outside so I had to use the really bright bathroom lighting that washes out everything :(
My inability to remember to take outfit photos! This was when I got home at 1am and I look like a hot mess~ Also if you can't see my tights have fleur-de-lis print on them :D
One Piece: No Brand
Cardigan wrap: Wet Seal
Fur scarf: Wet Seal
Tights: Kirei Plaza

My New Years Eve plans is going to Mitsuwa today to see Tiffany from HimeStyle and later going to the OC Fair New Years Eve Block Party with Tony, mostly just for food trucks :P


  1. I love your sense of style! Happy New Years to you!! And oh my goodness you live really close to me!!!

  2. Love the dress!!! And have fun tonight!!!

  3. Gorgeous, girl!! I have the same problem with forgetting to take outfit photos until like after I come home disheveled hahaha. Adorable outfit! ☆ Where is Kirei Plaza?

  4. I love your way of doing eye make-up! Gal, you have skills~ :3