Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Online stores that sell Diamond Lashes overseas

I get asked all the time about Diamond Lashes and have noticed recently a ton of stores are now stocking them! I found most of these while slacking on finals... but I got them done (minus my last one on Friday) so now I can share these with you guys :D

  • Ichibankao: Stocks the first, second and volume series for 1700yen (including shipping)
  • GalのLover: Stocks the first and newest series (Volume and Pure) for $20 each
  • A Pop of Kawaii: Stocks the first, second and pure series for $17.70 each
  • Pinky Paradise: Stocks the first, second and model eye from pure series for $19.99 each
  • Facial Shop: Stocks the first series for $17.99 each (must type "Diamond Lash" in search box)
  • Bic Yamamoto: Stocks the first series for 1050yen each
I'm also selling boxes of Koakuma eye, Gorgeous eye, Lovely eye and Nudy eye from the first series for $16 including shipping!

Also if any of you know other stores that carry them that aren't on the list, please feel free to let me know :D


    1. It was actually me that asked the question on formspring! XD Thank you so much for this list though, I've been searching around for good deals since Kireiplaza stopped shipping overseas. Thanks! <3

    2. @ Dolly
      No problem! I was SO traumatized when Kirei Plaza stopped shipping overseas because that's also where I get my tights from :'( So I have to use a shopping service when I want them now *cries*

    3. Oh, thank you so much for this ! :D
      I was actually looking for websites other than eBay, that had JP brand lashes :3
      This post was REALLy helpful ! *go order lashes* <3

    4. @ Zarah
      You're welcome! This is just stores selling Diamond Lashes, I have many more stores up my sleeve that sell a wider variety of lashes that will be posted soon :3

    5. That sounds teriffic ~
      But Ichibanko have so many great lashes ^^
      I'm looking forward to your new post then :3

    6. I just received the package from you~ Thanks so much. Those lashes are A-MAAZING!! I'm so glad you've posted places to get them! ☆ I might try to get more for myself when these wear out ❤ Thanks so much! (・w・)v

    7. @ Zarah
      Hopefully I will make the post in the future now that I just finished school for the semester!

      @ Mei
      Glad you got the package! I think it's amazing also because these sites just popped up within the last couple of days or weeks, so I didn't even know they had them until I looked randomly XD