Thursday, December 23, 2010

ParaPara flashbacks! + giveaway

This last year has been kinda poopy ParaPara-wise, so I thought I would take a look back at a few videos I've done in the past:

TechPara Medley vol. 1

This was the first TechPara medley we've done specifically for online purposes. I'm so onee in this!

Otaku-kei J-Euro Medley

I loved my outfit in this, and you can probably see my dog popping in at times!

TechPara Medley vol. 4 ~iTunes edition~

TWO★HEARTS テクパラメドレー VOL. 4 from DISCO NRG on Vimeo.
This one was filmed last year in November 2009, but features TechPara songs which you can download off of iTunes! I really love my style in this :D

Of course if you guys want to know more ParaPara stuff, head over to or

 Also make sure you check out Emy's giveaway if you haven't~ Some really cute cosmetics in there!
Also be sure to keep checking back here either tomorrow or Christmas Day for a special present from myself!


  1. Is this your boyfriend in the vid?
    Youtwo aredancing awesome together! So synchron, better than some of the "professional" Para Para videos :D I love it!

  2. @ Ragrunzel
    He's not my boyfriend :) He's my best friend and ParaPara partner and we've been dancing for almost 10 years~

    and thank you for your compliment :D We try to do our best! I've actually been in one professional video but it's not available overseas (it's only in karaoke bars in Japan).