Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ramen Yukinoya and Round 1!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas :D It's my time of month so I had a lazy day and went to eat and go watch Tony play Super Street Fighter IV at Round 1. Let's get away from the negativity~!

Ramen Yukinoya
18230 E. Gale Ave.
Industry, CA 91748

Togarashi, marinated garlic, chili sauce, chili oil and pepper! With the marinated garlic they give you a garlic press so you can ground it and either put it in your ramen or make your own gyoza sauce!
Spicy original tonkotsu ramen with straight noodles for Tony!
Yukinoya Special Tonkotsu Ramen combo with California roll for me! Tony gave me his egg half and I added in 2-3 cloves of garlic in there :D
Homemade gyoza! Not as good as Foo Foo Tei's but still pretty yummy and fresh!

Overall a really good value and this is Tony's new favorite ramen place since they have straight noodle with tonkotsu broth (Hakata style). Everything was $31 including 2 drinks, 2 bowls of ramen, order of California rolls and gyoza. Cash only and closed on Mondays!

Round 1
Since it was my lazy day I wore my motorcycle jacket, Vanquish one piece, Miley x Max Azria jeans and western boots. No circle lenses because my eyes were really red today, I guess this is the first time people will see me with my glasses on here! If you're also curious, I'm wearing Diamond Lash in Sexy eye (top) and Feminine eye (bottom).

Tony playing Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition at Round 1! He was so excited for this, he's been back a few times since they got it. He also got to play one of the US Street Fighter champions one of those times (Justin Wong).

I thought that this video was hilarious, the Japanese girl in that huge red cowboy hat! lol It was also dubbed over along with subtitles going on~


  1. Wooooww the Ramen looks really really goood. And it's on Gale? (・◇・) I must try it sometime...

    You are too adorable ❤ love the purikura. You guys are always so cute!

  2. u.u i can't eat meat ;_; cause i have a little stomach for my operation ;_; i miss eat meat.
    Wow i luv read your blog, is very cool :D.
    Good luck Dom :D have a nice day and it's time to say good bye 2010 XD and welcome 2011 :D.