Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pictures from Monterey, CA

I went on this trip weeks ago but haven't gotten around to posting my photos from the area, but thought I should now! I stayed at the Cannery Row Inn for a steal at $69/night and just walked around Monterey without having to pay for parking :D If you found my blog by searching for information/reviews about the Inn, here it is:
- The most important part to me was that it was affordable. Make sure you book online for the best rates, I've heard stories about them quoting different prices over the phone.
- Very close to the main tourist attractions. Walk down the block and turn left and you're at Cannery Row! The aquarium is 3-4 blocks away.
- Front desk people seem to talk very minimally but do the job.
- Lots of tourist information at the front desk, you can also buy tickets to some of them at a discount from there as well.
- Free breakfast in the morning is decent. It was nothing special (cereal, toast, pastries, fruit, etc) but can't complain if it's free!
- Its by a major road, so traffic might be loud at some points. It didn't bother us too much.
- Room is pretty decent, although we noticed that the space between the bottom of the door and the floor was kind of big (maybe about 1 or 2 inches off the ground?)
- No air conditioning, but if you live by the beach you know it's not necessary. The fireplace and heater came in handy since it gets cold at night.
- Bed is super comfortable! I believe they just redid these recently, and you get about 5 pillows if you're in a king bed.
- Bathroom is large and toiletries are provided. Love how they shaped the towels in the shape of shells :D
- Major problem: I don't know if it was just during my stay but the internet was very inconsistent. It would take a really long time in order for the login site to show up in order to start using it, and it would often go off and on throughout our stay. Although I guess I shouldn't complain too much, you're not on vacation to use the internet :P

If you love sea otters, there's lots of pictures of them in here :)

Tony was amazed that the birds here let you get so close to them!
 This was steps away from the Inn we stayed at :D
 John Steinbeck, an author, is a major deal here in Monterey because he wrote about the area in his books and lived here. Also a nice mural on the side of a building.

A couple photos of a wild sea otter eating a crab:

 The beach right by the Inn.
 We walked down Cannery Row to get closer to the shops and restaurants, and this was a view from the restaurant we ate at (The Fish Hopper).
 They tantalized us with free samples of clam chowder. Obviously it worked as I got a whole bread bowl full of it! I also love how they toasted the bread to make it garlic bread :D
 Crab cakes~
 Walking around Cannery Row. Apparently they have their own Wax Museum to show how Monterey was during the times of John Steinbeck.
 A weird kitty fortune telling machine next to a Sanrio store.

Last is a few pictures from the Monterey Bay Aquarium :D


  1. I actually live driving distance from Monterey Bay. I have got to check that restaurant out! Looks so delicious! I swear, the best chowder I ever had was SF Fisherman's Wharf and chowder in Monterey Bay.

  2. The food looks so delicious!!!

    Since I've never been to the US it's so interesting to see pictures and blog entry about it. Please keep posting!!