Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some new purikura and outfit shot :D

I went to Round 1 last night (I'll make a post all about it later) and took purikura!

 Outfit before putting my coat and scarf on!
With coat and scarf!
Coat: Minnie Muse for Forever 21
Scarf: Wet Seal
Tank top: Album
Skirt: Mimmin
Tights: Kirei Plaza
 Makeup shot! I also got my hair recolored on Monday, so you can see me without my roots now :D
I look away from the camera because as you can see here, when I'm wearing my contacts and trying to look into the camera I look cross eyed! >_< Anyone else have these issues?

Now purikura for the rest~

 I took pinpuri as well since I wanted to take some for profile pictures :D Sorry if they're corny!


  1. So cute!!
    You guys look so happy!!

  2. Aww cute purikura!! My boyfriend HATES taking purikura :(

    Your skirt looks so cute *_* want.

  3. I really like this oufit :)

    not the coat so much.
    I think it sits over the top awkwardly.
    maybe it's just when zipped up though (=w= )

  4. Cute purikura, haha.
    I wish we had purikura machines here!
    btw, the tank top & skirt are love ~ :3

  5. Oh my gosh! Super adorable!! I've never done purikura but really really want to do it someday!!! >w< And drag my bf too...kicking and screaming if I have to pahaha

  6. Totally adorable as always!!!!! I really love that coat....

  7. Love the pink stripe top and the black coordinate with it!! Looks so beautiful on you!!

    And you guys purikura are so cute!!lol

  8. @ Love Jade
    Thank you!

    @ Dolly
    Thank you! It's my go to skirt that I wear probably at least 2x a week >_< My boyfriend originally didn't like taking them but once he found out some machines had bars and seats in them and he could do funny things he realized how cool they were. :D

    @ m0m0ko
    Thank you!

    @ Sheri
    Thanks! The more I look at the picture with the coat zipped up I agree with you, and that in the purikura you see where I unzipped it looks SO much better! I guess because when zipped up it kinda looks restrained a bit?

    @ Sachie
    Thanks! I hope purikura will pick up more around the world so people won't have to travel too far for it. I know right now they're very popular in the Korean community where I live so we have tons of these shops right now!

    @ l-article
    Purikura is so much fun I think because it's such a spontaneous thing since you have very limited time in the machines. I had to originally drag my boyfriend in too, but after that he seemed to enjoy it so we take it about once a month now :D

    @ PeachPixie
    Thank you as always bb <3

    @ a-g-u
    Thank you! If you're curious about it it's still available on the egg store for 714yen :D

  9. Awwe~~such a cute purikura!
    Your outfit is adorable as well ^3^

  10. So adorable!!!
    I have to agree with a-g-u, that top is adorable!

    I've never tried using shopping service to buy items from these sites before. How does it work and how high does the price go up to after the use of shopping service/shipping costs? I have a feeling I live around your area, so you can use that as reference, hahaha - I go to Round 1 too, that place is like a few minutes away from me.


  11. @ Yukitty
    Thank you! :D

    @ Mei
    It depends if you are ordering the items yourself and just use a warehouse to keep your items and ship them to you or if you have a shopping service order it for you.

    Generally it is cheaper if you can order the items yourself, but it requires you to know at least a general knowledge of Japanese and you have to do all communication on your own. I used to use OPAS (which is in Japanese only company), but they screwed me over some items and refused to deal with me now so I currently use Japan to Door. With Japan to Door you pay for the items yourself (unless you do COD, which they charge you plus a 10-15% fee) and then after all your items arrive you pay for them to repack your items, shipping, PayPal fees and a fee for invoicing. It can get pretty expensive, so I do those orders in large batches.

    If you cannot read Japanese or don't know enough, I have seen a lot of girls recommend Japonica Market. They show an estimate about how much you should expect to pay on certain items here: