Thursday, January 27, 2011

Circle lens review: EOS Flower Grey (Toric)

I reviewed the EOS Adult Grey yesterday here from my mukuCHU order, and I will conclude it today!
I only had one class today so I had time to test these out~
 Face shot taken indoors with bright lighting. If you're curious I'm wearing Diamond Lash Angel and Natural.
 Closeup on the eye with indoor lighting.
 Face shot with natural lighting (taken inside my car)
Closeup on eye with natural lighting (taken inside my car). You can see part of the field at my school in my eyes 8D

In general these lenses had the same comments from me that I had for the Adult Grey lenses (comfort, vision, etc) so here's a few extra things about these lenses!

What I like:
- Interesting design that looks even better while wearing them!
- Very pretty color either with natural or bright lighting~

What I don't like:
- It was probably just an isolated incident but 2 hours into wearing them my left eye starting tearing up a lot and was irritated for a solid hour until I could get home to put eye drops in :( Probably due to the wind here.


  1. Woah the color looks so prettyyyyy (・◇・) and those lashes look great on you!!~ ❤

  2. Waiii the design is really beautiful - really crystal like.

    Aww hopefully the next time you wear them though they won't make you tear up like that ; _ ;

  3. Wow, thank you so much for being like the first person EVER to do reviews on toric lenses!!!! They are so hard to find and the range is so limited :( I was starting to think astigmatic people were just not meant to wear circle lenses :(

  4. @ Mei
    Thank you!!

    @ Kotori
    I will try them again soon, so hopefully the weather won't be harsh on me :(

    @ Ohamme
    No problem! Just make sure you definitely check the lenses and your prescription though!
    My prescription is for 14.5mm but toric circle lenses only come in 14mm, making the vision slightly off when they're worn. My vision overall isn't bad and I'm used to not wearing glasses so I have found that normal circle lenses that are 14.5mm are more comfortable and fit a bit better~ Definitely make sure when you get your contact prescription (if you don't have it already) and try to see if it's possible to get it in 14mm.

  5. Those lenses are so pretty! and the colour is gorgeous, im thinking on some for me ;3

    Thanxs for the review, very hepfull ♥

  6. Wow! This is gorgeous. Thank you for being one of the first people to review toric circle lenses. I've done so much research and I was definitely afraid of purchasing them due to the risks. I also have 14.5mm. Is it any less comfortable coming in 14mm?
    Also, comparing the EOS Adult Grey and EOS Flower Grey, which do you prefer? Are the enlargements about the same?

  7. I find that the 14mm lenses aren't any more or less comfortable than the 14.5mm ones, but you have to be careful about them at the same time. The Neo Extra Dali lenses were fitted for my prescription but because of the size difference, the vision is really bad with them!

    I highly recommend the EOS toric lenses since the comfort is really good on them and despite being smaller than my prescription the vision is great and correct :) I want to try Geo toric lenses in the future, but their normal lenses aren't so great on me so I'm not sure about that in the future lol

    Regarding the enlargements for Adult Grey vs Flower Grey, the Flower Grey definitely has more enlargement while the Adult Grey has very little enlargement and is actually quite natural looking. If you want something that is more flashy, definitely go with the Flower series!

    Make sure you purchase them from Mukuchu here:

    They have the best prices and the lenses I got were of the correct prescription with great vision and comfort! :)

  8. it looks beautiful on you ! thanks for making a review with toric lenses ! I just ordered mine from mukuchuu

  9. Wow, these look great on you! Luckily I found this review. :P Do these look blue at all? I'm looking for a really pure, yet darkish gray toric lens and it seems like most of them have a light blue/lavender-y color to them. (any suggestions?) It might be better to ask, would these look okay and not too "outish" on tanned Filipino skin? ^^

  10. @ HeySquiddi
    These are more on the grey-blue side. If you want a true dark gray color, go for the Twisted Star lenses from mukuCHU! I have a review of that coming up worn by my friend for my blog :)

    These would definitely look fine on tanned Filipino skin, as I'm pretty tan myself and I love the way they look :)

  11. Question, dont you risk scratching your cornia if you wear lens not fitted right for you? since they only have 14 mm toric lens