Thursday, January 20, 2011

Started school again x_x

Sorry for not posting a lot recently! I just started back school yesterday so we will see through out the semester how much time I'll have for posting here~

I originally planned to get out at 1pm every day but one of my professors switched the class time so I start the day at 7:30am and end at 3pm x_x It was really tiring yesterday but I was determined not to take a nap so I don't mess up my sleep schedule!

Since this is kind of a short update, I'll show you guys a cool Rakuten shop I found and a few photos!

On Rakuten I found a drugstore called Genky, where they sell your normal health and beauty products. However, I thought people would be interested because you can buy popular cosmetics brands with gals including Canmake, Cezanne and Bourjois. The main makeup page can be found here and eyelashes are here.

Reading Japanese can be a pain for people, so here's the English sites for the makeup brands with English descriptions:
- Canmake
- Cezanne
- Bourjois

If you've never used Rakuten before, here's a few links for you to learn how to use it:
- How to register
- How to shop

The pro to buying Japanese cosmetics is that sometimes there are just some things that you can't buy in the Western world without having to spend lots of extra money on importing fees.

Here's a couple of products for example:

Canmake Powder Cheeks shade PW25 

Description: A shade that is a mix of pink and orange that is flattering for all skin types and tones. A favorite of many models including Yumachi of egg (featured in this post).

Cezanne Nose Shadow Highlight

Description: The brown shade is for contouring your nose and supposed to have a natural finish while the white shade leaves a pearly finish.

Bourjois Effet Lumiere Trio Eyeshadow #41

Description: A trio of basic eyeshadows that are popular with gals.

and here's a few photos of myself to finish up this post~
 This was in the car on the way to the AI gathering last weekend. My bangs were so long x_x

My makeup for my first day back at school. I tried the Diamond Lash Model eye successfully for the first time yesterday, it's nice for a subtle oomph that still looks natural!
My outfit, it was pretty casual since I wore this starting from 6am D: Also it was pretty hot out with some wind chills~
Shirt: Obey
Caridgan wrap: Yumetenbo
Skirt: Mimmin


  1. Uwaa, your make-up looks super nice >w<! Your droopy eyes are just perfect ^w^!

  2. Girl, you know all the shops >_>

    I start school this coming Monday. SIGHHHH, hate school. :(

  3. @ super-rabbit
    Thanks very much! I've actually gotten some hate over how I do the droop so I don't know if I should do it or not anymore :/

    @ Dolly
    Yep, it's my mission to know them all! and good luck for you going back to school~

  4. you're such an expert on getting all the good stuff! hehe i never tried canmake before .. you make me want to try it! :D