Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Broken things and circle lens review!

Some people might remember that I wrote about my phone screen shattering on Black Friday back in November. I have dealt with it pretty well but I decided to buy what I thought was going to fix my phone :/

I own a BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 and thought that buying a digitizer to replace my screen would work. WRONG!! Unless you can somehow get your hands on the special BlackBerry glue to stick it on the LCD or have a soldering iron handy then do NOT get only the digitizer only! I made that mistake and while Tony took my phone apart we realized that the digitizer itself wasn't going to work. Unfortunately most stores online will *not* tell you about this, so if you've stumbled upon me through a Google search now you know :( Luckily I found a store in the next county over by me that sold the LCD+digitizer combo so I'll be able to fix my phone tomorrow.

Now to not only tip that off, the top screen for my DSi XL is broken!! I usually play Tetris in between my classes and discovered that it magically decided to break this morning. I haven't even had it for a year yet, but luckily I bought the optional insurance and Best Buy will be seeing me soon.

Okay, so now that I got those 2 things off of my chest I can now go on with a review~ I purchased toric lenses from mukuCHU in November but due to many delays (the attack on South Korea plus new laws regarding the lenses) I only just received them today.

I got 2 pairs of toric lenses:

EOS Flower Grey
EOS Adult Grey, which I will be doing the review on!

Also just letting you guys know ahead of time that I took off my lashes for this review so I could put the lenses in~ This is how I looked like before I put the lenses on (note that I have been out for 10 hours prior to these pictures without touching up my makeup or lashes)

To show the size comparison. Adult Grey is 14.00mm and the King Pink is 14.50mm.
One eye in, the other eye is natural. My eye was super red but I calmed it down with eye drops!
Both eyes in (no flash), you can see the enlargement is only very slight :/
The lens with flash on. The grey actually looks more like blue, but I knew that before I bought them and wanted that effect :D
Full face picture with the lenses. Excuse me for my half-assed makeup, I didn't fix anything except put back the top lashes on :(

What I like:
- Color and design are very pretty.
- Much more comfortable than the Neo Vision toric lenses, not as heavy either.
- Cheaper than the Neo lenses with more variety.
- Natural looking and good for everyday use.

What I don't like:
- The outer ring is clear and could've been used for more color and enlargement.
- Not enough enlargement!!
- Wish this came in 14.50mm instead because that's what my original prescription is for (because the lens is 14.00mm the vision is a little off).


  1. Lovely lenses! I love how the lenses look on you! I think brown and grey are the best in the adult series~ haha I also noticed on mukuchu that they had red adults!?!? I might get that when I have money xD I can't wait to see the flower lenses!! I love those! I want every color lol~

  2. I like these lenses very much, they may not be the biggest out there but the color pattern is so nice!