Monday, April 4, 2011

2 outfits and makeup shots from March

I was looking at some past pictures and noticed that I actually had some coordinate shots! It's amazing that I even have them since I usually forget to do so~

Don't remember what day this was~
Parka: Vanquish
Top: Gold Japan
Necklace: Forever 21
Shorts: Wet Seal
Boots: Torrid
A picture without the Vanquish parka on~
A not very good makeup shot of me LOL This was the same day when I did the review for the nuts eyelashes.

This was the outfit I wore for the Concert for Hope on 3/20. I also wore my Vanquish parka that day but didn't want to be redundant. I was going for a retro girly/mode mix look here.
Top: Gold Japan (the ribbon has dots just like my Vanquish parka!)
Shorts: Wet Seal
Tights: Kirei Plaza
Makeup shot for that day. I wanted to get a better picture of it but I was in a rush that day since I had to leave for the show at that moment! lol
A closeup on my eye makeup. Wearing Diamond Lash Angel eye on top and Dolly Wink Baby cute on bottom :) lol My eyelash glue on the bottom is visible because i was terrified that if I didn't put enough glue they would come off easily!


  1. OooO those diamond lashes are so pretty *w* I really wanna try a pair! I <3 vanquish! their clothes are so pretty & comfy !

  2. Lovely outfits!! And the high boots are daring! I wish I could pull that off! >w< Also love the lip color you have in the first makeup shot! (or both haha) What did you use!? :3

  3. @ RiA SPiRAL
    Yeah, the Angel eye is one of my favorite Diamond Lash styles :D I might still have a few pairs of it in my custom Diamond Lash packs sales post so you can look there if you want ^^

    and yeah, I definitely love Vanquish. Have been a huge fan since 2006 when they started their mens line at 109-2, had a lot of fun times shopping at the store there for my male friends :D

    @ l-article
    Thank you! haha my thigh high boots have pretty much been my life through the cold weather~
    For the lip color I started off with Rimmel Lip Concealer in 001 (Japan only :'[) and I probably topped it off with a little bit of a pale pink lipstick (probably NYX?) with a lip brush and finished with Eyemazing's lip gloss in Nudy beige. I was planning on buying a few of the Eyemazing lip glosses and sell a few ^^

  4. wahh super cool eyelashes ^__^ and i agree with l-article about the high boots >u<

  5. The last outfit is really cute! :D

  6. So cute as usual! ^3^ I love all the outfits!

    And your makeup looks great! Don't worry hun <333

  7. what lipstick/gloss do you use? it's pretty!!

  8. @ Kawaiiberri92
    Thanks, I think those lashes are one of the most dramatic I have :D

    @ ELEAN♥R
    Thanks so much :D

    @ Mika
    Thank you! I'm glad it looks fine despite the glue LOl

    @ Samispoon
    Thank you as always bb <3

    @ Juvy
    Since you're in Japan you can get the products I use! I use Rimmel Lip Concealer in 001 as the base (available at Plaza stores), a little bit of a light pink lipstick applied with a lip brush (I think from NYX) and topped it all off with Eyemazing x Edge Style Lipgloss in Nudy Beige (available online or in Edge Style's April issue).

  9. I LOVE that top in the first cord!!

    *sigh* I'm so jealous of your LASHES!!

  10. I love the first outfit :D it's great for school, well i think so haha... C: i might try it! or something inspired XD