Friday, September 16, 2011

22nd birthday~

It was my 22nd birthday on the 14th, where I celebrated my birthday at Memphis Cafe! I got my hair done earlier that day after school so I could look my best☆

Top: Vanquish
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Delyle

Here's some makeup pictures of me, the lighting in my house is pretty terrible at night so sorry if they look bad.

For my eyes I used SMH's In a bind and MAC's Knight Divine and NYX's Black Label Lipstick in Chakra on my lips for a more glamorous look. Somewhat inspired by Nicole Abe's look in this post.

I forgot to take pictures of most of my food since it's really dark at Memphis Cafe, but we all ordered a bunch of small appetizers since they were $5 each! Such a good deal for great quality food. I personally had an order of mussels and clams and shared a flatbread with my boyfriend.
I did remember to take a picture of the dessert we shared though, a chocolate and banana bread pudding! It was super delicious~

Yesterday I met up with my boyfriend to have Grill 'Em All, since they made a rare appearance in OC at the OC Fairgrounds.
Do you guys know who Master Roshi from DBZ is?

Well I found the IRL Master Roshi eating from food trucks!! He may actually have hair on his head but other than that he is pretty much 100% uncanny!

Later that night my friends and I decided to go back to Memphis Cafe LOL They have really good late night deals on Wednesdays and Thursdays so this will most likely become a normal hangout for us to go to.
The Thursday deal was 50% off of their famous buttermilk fried chicken, which usually costs $17.50! It came with the chicken, mustard greens and mashed potatoes. I ate pretty much that whole plate and would've licked it too if I could...

Next week is going to be busy, because I'm going to LA 3 days in a row (Wednesday-Friday)! I have to catch up on eyelash orders but please know that I haven't forgotten about them!!


  1. Love the outfit :D

    and omg Irl Master XD XD ahahaha

  2. Your shoes are really cute <3!

  3. I hope you had a great birthday.
    The food looks lovely :D

  4. Did you lose some weight? You look great :)

    I hope you had a great b-day!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Hope it was a wonderful one :] <3

    And Master Roshi, LOL. I can't believe someone unintentionally cosplayed as him xD I love those moments.

    And I see instruments in the background >> Do you play?
    Love the makeup and the top too :] Super cute!

  6. @ Sami Spoon
    Thanks so much bb <3 It was really funny seeing him IRL!!

    @ Banny
    Thanks, they're so fabulous!

    @ bloomzy
    I did have a good birthday with close friends, was very happy to be with them :) the food was great as well!

    @ Lyn
    Yeah I've lost some weight, dropped a pant size officially! I did have a good birthday, so thank you :)

    @ Lorina

    It was funny to see Master Roshi, I had to do a double take and my bf had to check him too. We were pretty much in disbelief LOL

    I don't play instruments, my mom does! I used to try to play the drums when I was younger but it's no use to try when you can't keep up a steady beat. and thanks for your compliments :D