Saturday, September 24, 2011

Joe Jonas 9/21/11 & Demi Lovato 9/23/11

I had a busy week with not only school, but I went to 2 general admission concerts pretty much back-to-back! It was intense but it was tons of fun, especially since I could enjoy all of this with my best friend in the world ♥

The Joe Jonas show was a big deal, because I had actually won meet & greet for it! I was really excited, especially when they allowed me to bring one guest. So I took my best friend, even though I felt bad because my friend Billy also came with us!
So Alice and I got to the venue at 3:30 and luckily the line wasn't too long. Our M&G e-mail said to pick up our wristbands "after 3", but it was really unorganized in regards to that so it was really unfortunate. After a bit of waiting Billy came and we hung out for a bit :) Around 5pm we decided to go wait in the front for our M&G wristbands. That wait went past 6... which is over 3 hours after the original time! We did eventually get our passes, and got to meet him :)

But before our picture with him, some camwhore pictures since we both looked pretty cute lol
Doing a duckface since Alice was trying to "learn" how to do it. I can do them on command!
A two-shot of us :) This one is okay, but Alice needs to improve on her camwhore skills!
I took this shot of us, definitely a much better angle 8D I love our makeup with the contrast in this picture!

Finally our meet & greet picture!!
It was taken on the roof of the Fox Theater, which is an awesome place. I actually went to a show on the roof of the venue previously so I recognized it. Alice and I both got to cop some feels of Joe's back, very sexy ;) lolol

Some pictures:

Here's the music video for Joe's single "See No More":

I was really excited for Demi's show, since I haven't seen her since the Camp Rock 2 Tour! That's the same tour that she left during the international leg due to her emotional issues, which is when she went to rehab. I love this girl so much, so I will continue to support her 100%!
Unfortunately we (Alice & I) left a little bit late, so we were cut off from early entrance line by 10 people!! Sooooo pissed about that. On top of that security refused to let us sit down in line, so we were standing from 4pm-10pm without any breaks... They said it was a "fire hazard", which made no sense because we were blocked off on the side of the building and not in anyone's way. We found out as we got in that it didn't even matter that much because they actually had separate pit tickets from general admission. I've gone to my fair share of Demi shows (seen her a total of 13 times now), and this was probably the furthest I've been from her. I was kind of unamused, but I guess I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to seeing her.
Since I mentioned I've gone to my fair share of Demi/Disney-related shows, let me tell you. This has been the BITCHIEST crowd I've ever come across! Girls were claiming I was making their friend uncomfortable and "hitting" her, bitch please! You don't go to a general admission DISNEY show for comfort, room or space! Those bitches later kept stepping on my feet and hitting me, what a bunch of hypocrites. :'( If you are the girls that told me off and are reading this, please kindly go fuck off!! Although I do have to give kudos to the girl that was in front of me, she was worried Alice and I weren't going to be able to see! She moved with her friend a bit to the side after a song so the rest of the night Alice and I were able to watch the show :D Many thanks to her!

Other than that, Demi put on a great show! It was crazy that she put in so much work for only 2 shows (the other one was last week in NYC). She had a whole stage set up with dancers and still played guitar and piano, with little bits of a stage play/Broadway feel to it as well. I was not disappointed with her performance at all, and she looked so happy being on stage again. During her song "Skyscraper" a bunch of fans from the pit put up signs of encouragement for Demi, and she started crying after she was done because she was overwhelmed with the love that was given to her. :D


She got really close to us at the end of the night, I don't think I used zoom for this picture. Unfortunately we got pushed and I felt like I was butt-raping a bunch of people :'(

I'll leave you all with Demi's music video for "Skyscraper":

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