Sunday, September 11, 2011

The past week~

I've started school up again and officially in Business school! So I will definitely be busy through out the next year or so, but I'll do my best to keep blogging.

Last weekend I babysat and house sat in the South Bay (LA) for one of my dearest friends, Bree! She had to go out of town for a wedding so Tony (bf) and I babysat her lovely corgi named Belle :D We've been visiting them a lot for the past month or so because Belle is hard to get warmed up to, but eventually she was comfortable enough with us to show us love ^^

Belle's mommy gave us a new toy to give her, a hedgehog with a witch hat! She loved it and wanted to hide it from us :D

Trying to get a picture of my makeup that day, but it was really sunny outside so you can only see shadows! I went to Mitsuwa and Marukai to try to meet up with Abbie, but it didn't work out in the end because of time constraints. So sorry about that! Next time, bb :)

Belle and Tony playing on Bree's parents bed. She made us play and be lazy with her there :)

Belle with a funny face! She decided to sleep with us on the last night and I woke up to this next to me LOL Tony took this picture while I was sleeping still. That's my hand next to her lol

On Tuesday my bff Alice and I went up to Hollywood. She had tickets for Jimmy Kimmel since she wanted to see Elijah Wood.
Alice was worried about my outfit that day (originally wearing a t-shirt with rhinestone studded shorts lol) not being appropriate for Jimmy Kimmel, so we went to Forever 21 before trying to go to the show.
This is an outfit I picked out reluctantly, but it actually looked pretty good so I bought it! Luckily it was very cheap :D

Wearing the original shirt I was wearing with the skirt. I thought they looked good together too~

After leaving Forever 21 she checked her e-mail and saw that very last minute (1pm to be exact) they changed the scheduling and Elijah's appearance was canceled. She was very mopey about it so we decided to get ice cream at the Disney Soda Fountain!
My soda float with my Mickey Mouse shaped waffles. They're very yummy! She got an ice cream sundae.

We did more retail therapy at Sephora, where I picked up a couple of things. The store was huge but a lot of the popular items were sold out since it's a tourist destination (off of Hollywood/Highland). I felt bad for the associates since they were bored because it was a Tuesday, but we had fun talking to them!
We also stopped by in the MAC store, since Alice wanted to get their eyeshadow in Satin Taupe. Unfortunately it was sold out :(

Deciding on where to eat for dinner, I decided on Grill 'Em All since they were going to be in Echo Park that day. Echo Park is on the way home and not too far from where we were~
I believe this is the original truck (they have 2). They were parked in front of Walgreens and had no line! I was really happy about that because they usually have a 1+ hour line whenever they come down to OC. I got my usual Molly Hatchet with added onions and they told me I was crazy for wanting to wait in the long OC lines when they are in my area lol

Whenever I'm not doing homework and at my bf's place I repackage underwear for the company that he works for, toddland. I actually kind of think it's fun! These are going to be going to Urban Outfitters stores so maybe you'll see my repackaging skills there in the near future.

So, here's some of my recent gets from the last week or so!
From Sephora: Philosophy Beauty Insider Vanilla Birthday Cake bath gel, DUO Eyelash glue (because my other tubes started to separate, ewwww), Sephora Mineral Foundation in Tan 36 and Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in Sweet Beige.
From Ulta: OPI Nail Polish in It's My Year, Seche Vite Top Coat and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I hope Shadow Insurance is really good, because my bottles of Urban Decay Primer Potion keep chipping at the bottom and dry out! If it's good I won't have to buy another bottle of UDPP~

If you have an Ulta store by you, be sure to visit them this month for their 21 Days of Beauty events! I got my Shadow Insurance for 50% at $9, which is an amazing deal. They have a special beauty deal of the day and I will be hitting them up for their Philosophy Purity Wipes deal tomorrow (9/12) and their free Urban Decay Marshmallow Body Powder deal on 9/17, where I plan on buying my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV. I can't believe I'll be at Ulta 3x this week, since I'm getting my hair done for my birthday there on Wednesday as well!
Last are my gets from MAC, which is their eyeshadows in Knight Divine and Steamy. I don't have any colors really like them so I'm glad I can add them to my collection~


  1. Mickey shaped waffles! Oh dear, I want some!
    And Corgis are so adorable!! I love them too. :3

  2. Oh, that dg is cute ♥ especially the photo where you've been sleeping haha!

    Mickey waffles (*____*) I want to eat them!!

    haha and repacking udnerwear sounds like a funny job xDDDD