Friday, March 16, 2012

Tried out drag makeup, ended up like a "gyaru chola"

I've had a busy past couple of weeks with some major assignments due, so I'm sorry for being missing for a bit! In my downtime you can find me watching RuPaul's Drag Race, which if you aren't already watching... do it now! Honestly, not only is the show amazing but I also love to use it for makeup inspiration. So much so, that when I got home from work today I decided to "try" drag makeup for the first time!

It doesn't look bad, but not very drag :(

 So here it is:

 A more gyaru shot, with some nice ducky lips lolol

Makeup details:
- Primer: theBalm timeBalm Face Primer, MAC Fix+
- Foundation: MAC Studio Tech in NW30
- Highlighters: Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation SPF 30 in C40, NYX Liquid Highlighter, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
- Contour: NYX Liquid Contour
- Powder: Sonia Kashuk Brightening Powder
- Blush: Tarte for True Blood Natural Cheek Stain

- Eyebrow concealer: NYX HD Concealer Wand in Beige (need more coverage to hide my real eyebrows better lol)
- Eyebrows: NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Taupe/Ash (Taupe)
- Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Eyeshadows: Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection in Half Truth (base), Omen (lid), Ace (crease and lower lid), and UD Stardust in Diamond Dog (crease)
- Eyeliner: NYX Slide-On Pencil in Jet Black, Eyemazing Cosmeline Gel Liner
- Mascara: theBalm Cheater! Mascara
- Upper custom lashes: Hello Kitty Beauty Eyelashes in No. 5 Pacchiri Glamorous Eye, M.O.D.E.L. 21 Eyelashes in No. 18 (2 pairs)
Bottom lashes: Nature is lovely in S-2

- Lip concealer: Rimmel Lip Concealer in 001
- Lipcolor: NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Chaos

So what I know what to do for next time... make my eyeshadow more intense, eyebrows thinner and to not be afraid of contouring and highlighting more!


  1. I thought of this as a more gyaru look, just the eyebrows are drag? A very nice attempt though :)

    1. Yeah, definitely does look more gyaru... guess I just can't get out of my comfort zone LOL

  2. Your makeup is so pretty!!
    The lens are quite nice also!!

    1. Thank you! I really like these lenses but they're quite uncomfortable so far :(

  3. Pretty makeup ^^ the lens are beautiful

  4. i absolutely love this look on you!!! :) it looks good and it looks very gyaru. im dying to know your foundation routine it looks very matte which im a fan of!

    1. Thanks! My foundation routine is pretty basic actually, but it also depends on your skin type. I'm combo-dry with an oily t-zone.

      What I did was applied theBalm timeBalm all over my face and X Out Shine Control on my t-zone. After that I sprayed MAC Fix+ spray all over my face for some hydration (you can use whatever setting spray you have on hand though), and waited around for a couple of minutes to let everything set up and dry.
      I then applied MAC Studio Tech (I like MAC Full Coverage better for a matte look, but I want to use up my Studio Tech since I still have it) on with a short duo fibered brush (MAC 130) that has been spritzed with Fix+ to add more hydration to the foundation. After that I applied my liquid contour and highlight to my face as well and set everything with Sonia Kashuk Brightening Powder. Hope that helped! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! I like it since it's a bit out of my comfort zone (I usually use a lot of neutrals), so it's good to see that I can still make myself look nice with colors :D