Saturday, March 17, 2012

Review: Donki Twinkle Lash D-6 Sexy

Twinkle Lash (or formerly known as Candy Style) are lashes that are created by and sold at Don Quijote (Donki) stores all across Japan. These lashes caused a craze amongst gyaru bloggers and even magazine models including Okarie and Kanako Kawabata, who have both blogged about them!

Recently Donki decided to open up an online store called HelloHello Nation, just for circle lenses and lashes that are sold exclusively at their stores. These lashes are now sold in packs of 5 pairs for 780yen, which is very economical. I have purchased most of the styles so I can review them for all of you!

First I'll start off with my favorite of the bunch, D-6 Sexy.
 The packaging that it comes in.

Once you open up the boxes, you'll see the lashes come in individual packs. That makes it easy to share them!

As you can see the lashes are really glamorous styled, similar to lashes like Diamond Lash Glamorous Eye or Jewerich No. 2. However, I think these lashes are the closest in similarity to Eyemazing 001.
You can see they are pretty much identical! However, I find that the Twinkle Lash Sexy is curled much more than Eyemazing 001.

My eye (without lashes):
Makeup details:
- Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Eyebrows: NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Taupe/Ash (Taupe), Diamond Eyebrow Concealer in Chocolate Brown, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer (highlight)
- Eyeshadows: theBalm Nude'tude Palette in Selfish (lid), Sophisticated (crease and lower lid), and Stand-offish (inner crease highlight)
- Eyeliners: Momoeri Long Beam Liquid Liner, NYX Slide On Liner in Black
- Mascara: NYX Doll Eye Mascara in Long Lash

With Twinkle Lash Sexy on:
You can see that the lashes are very curled, very long, and very voluminous!

Paired with bottom lashes (I used Twinkle Lash Raccoon, which I'll review at a later time):

- Affordable! 780yen for 5 pairs comes out to 156yen per pair, the original Candy Style lashes were 198yen a pair.
- Amazing curl on them already, so you don't need to curl them yourself and risk ruining them.
- Comparable to more expensive eyelashes like Eyemazing 001 (1,260yen for 3 pairs) or Jewerich No. 02 (980yen for 2 pairs).
- Sturdy, so they will last you a very long time.

- Stiff lashes, so they might be hard for beginners to use.
- Very shiny, but a given considering how cheap they are.
- The lash band is very short in length, so these lashes might fall short on those with longer eye shapes.
- Hard to get outside of Japan, unless using a shopping service or having someone in Japan buy them for you.

I really like these lashes! They work well for my eye shape and fit my eyes perfectly. I love how curled and long the lashes are, and even though they're stiff I think it's a pro as well since that means you can maximize the amount of wears for a pair of lashes. Definitely recommend these lashes to girls who are into more dramatic looks.

Where to buy?
- Donki stores nationwide in Japan, 780yen
- Donki's Hello Hello Nation through a shopping service (I recommend Japan to Door, since they can process COD orders)


  1. That's really cute and cheap comparing to other brands XD

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  2. Looks so good! Thanks for sharing!

  3. They look great! Especially for the price :D

  4. Looks amazing!!! really opens up your eyes:) I hope it can do something about my monolids :D

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