Sunday, April 1, 2012

NYX Cosmetics Black Label Lipsticks Comparisons

I think most of my readers know I'm a *HUGE* fan of NYX Cosmetics, and I also have included their products in every single one of my giveaways, which won't change as I'm in the process of gathering items for the next 2 giveaways. Stay tuned for them!

NYX Black Label Lipsticks are almost double the price of their Round Lipsticks ($7.50 vs $4), but are supposed to be a more luxurious lipstick that is rich in pigment and moisturizing. I would definitely compare these lipsticks to MAC's regular line of lipsticks, as these come in a variety of finishes just like the MAC ones.

I wanted to provide swatches and how these lipsticks looked on me, especially Peachy and Chakra since there aren't really any online.

NYX Cosmetics Black Label Lipsticks in BLL 106 Peachy, BLL 118 Chakra, BLL 170 Sweet Prawn, BLL 191 Bling

Shall we continue?

View of the colors on the bottom of the lipstick packaging. I would say that these are very accurate representations of the colors.

NYX Black Label Lipstick in Peachy
Peachy is a peach colored lipstick with a very frosty finish. I would compare this to a MAC lipstick with a lustre finish. This lipstick isn't very moisturizing and isn't very opaque, which isn't quite what the Black Label Lipstick line is meant for but it's not bad to have different finishes in this line! This would be great for using over another lip color to give a frosty/shimmer finish to it. Would be a great color for Spring or Summer as this color is really trendy right now.

NYX Black Label Lipstick in Chakra
I first got this lipstick after seeing Happie nuts model Nicole Abe using it in an advertisement for her line of fake lashes, Princess Tiara. You can see the image here (on the Dolly side). It is more opaque than Peachy, but is also slightly frosty. Definitely a nice addition to anyone's collections that needs a light pink colored that is different.

NYX Black Label Lipstick in Sweet Prawn
This lipstick is a fairly passable dupe for MAC's Chatterbox Amplified Lipstick or Viva Glam Nicki, but this has a slightly different finish as this is a bit more shimmery and less matte. However, this lipstick is still really opaque, moisturizing, and as creamy as an Amplified finish. A nice bright lipstick for the Spring!

NYX Black Label Lipstick in Bling
This is possibly the most popular color from the entire Black Label Lipstick line. I definitely love how this is a "my lips but better" lipstick that is a pink-mauve color. This is extremely moisturizing and opaque. This seems like the type of color that would work on anyone! I also love that this doesn't really catch onto the dry flakes on my lips as well, so it's incredibly wearable and low maintenance.

Have any of you tried NYX's Black Label Lipsticks before? Interested in them or no?


  1. i haven't tried the black label lipsticks before but all those colors on you look amazing. we're almost the same skin color too (i think?) im definitely loving the BLING and PEACHY with the frosty finish, that looks so lovely! :) thanks as always for your thorough reviews!

    1. Yes, I would say that our skin color is pretty similar! It's so hard to find certain items that will look good on us, especially blush because I feel like a lot of colors look washed out on me! :( So I usually just stick to orange for that reason LOL

      I would definitely think both of those colors would suit you!

  2. Ooh, I'm not much of a lipstick person but I'm liking the look of Peachy, maybe because it's more sheer. And I always thought that pale pink didn't look good on tan skin (my skin is close to your skin tone, maybe a little more yellow) but Bling looks really good on you!

    1. Peachy is definitely pretty unique, for the frost factor and sheerness of color!

      Pale pink definitely can look good on anyone, just have to find the right toned one for your skin tone. I am more on the warmer side versus yellow, so I would definitely suggest Chakra or Bling! Nicole Abe is a really good makeup inspiration for more medium toned girls, since she's naturally tan (she's half Filipino).

  3. the colors look really nice!
    I wanna try the peachy on since I never use that color before but it just looks too good!

    1. I agree that Peachy is definitely a different color, but looks really good!