Saturday, April 14, 2012

Diamond Beauty Blush Swatches

I love Diamond Beauty's line of blushes, as Honey Orange is my HG blush! They recently released 3 new shades, and luckily I was able to buy them and swatch them for you all~

The new shades are No. 06 Rose Pink, No. 07 Sweet Peach, and No. 08 Juicy Orange. This post will also include swatches for No. 02 Apricot Pink and No. 03 Honey Orange.

Diamond Beauty Blush General Information
Price: 1050yen
Size: 6g (same size as MAC blushes)
Shades: No. 01 Dolly Pink, No. 02 Apricot Pink, No. 03 Honey Orange, No. 04 Gold Jewelry (Highlight), No. 05 Creamy Pearl (Highlight), No. 06 Rose Pink, No. 07 Sweet Peach, and No. 08 Juicy Orange.

The first difference between the old and new blushes is that they updated the packaging! Instead of having a clear case and say "Diamond Blush" they are now housed in black cases and say "Diamond Beauty". Coming from a marketing point of view this was a very good decision on their part, so that the Diamond Beauty brand is now more prominent instead of just having a bunch of different products as "Diamond ____". All of their other products will be updated with this new packaging in the future!
Left is the new packaging, right is the old packaging. They kept the rhinestone as the dot in the "i" for Diamond and shape of case.

Here are close up shots of the colors outside of packaging. These pictures were taken in natural bright sunlight and are fairly true to color. The con of the new boxes is that the blush is incredibly difficult to remove, so you have to rip it open. This won't be good for people who like to keep packaging of their products!

No. 06 Rose Pink

No. 07 Sweet Peach

No. 08 Juicy Orange

Another huge difference between the old and new blushes is that I believe that they're reformulated! These blushes are filled with less chunky glitter compared to the older shades, and these are actually more of an NARS styled blush that is full of pigment and shimmer. These blushes are much more pigmented in comparison to the older shades, meaning that you can get a lot of use out of these!
Although I find these to be more pigmented, there's still some faults in the new formula. As you can see below, after I applied the blush using a NARS Yachiyo brush there was a lot of powder fallout in the pan. It might not be a big deal but it can be a pain in the butt to clean.

Swatches for the blushes I own (I don't own Dolly Pink or Creamy Pearl and decided not to include Gold Jewelry):
Taken with flash, you can see the newer shades are more vibrant than the older ones.

Taken with natural bright sunlight, you can see how prominent the chunky glitter are in the first shades.

- Affordable price for how much product you get.
- Don't have to use too much product at a time, so definitely worth the money.
- They have a good variety of shades that can work for pretty much any skin tone.
   To break it down further:
    - Light skin tone: All of the shades will be suitable except for the Gold Jewelry highlighter. Apply with a light hand!
    - Medium skin tone: Most shades will be suitable except for Dolly Pink and Creamy Pearl highlighter. The older shades might need a heavy hand for application.
    - Dark skin tone: Although all of the shades should be suitable, I would recommend the newest colors (No. 6-8) the most since they are much more pigmented.
- The new shades in particular are very comparable to NARS Blushes, which is huge since they cost $28 or 4200yen for less than 5g of product.
- Longevity is amazing! After 9 hours of wear (particularly Sweet Peach), the blush was still vibrant and had very little fading.

- Hard to find outside of Japan.
- New shades have extremely limited availability.
- Chunky glitter might not be so attractive to people.
- The highlighter shades are very chunky and not very pigmented, so you'll look like a disco ball if you try to use it on its own! I recommend using a liquid highlighter underneath these for this reason.
- Powder fallout can be messy, so definitely need to clean up after using it.
- These blushes need a very light hand when applying, so they might not be for everyone.

These blushes are wonderful if you can get a hold of them! These shades are for the most part universally flattering and are very different than what you can get in the Western market. The price and size are very attractive, since it makes it very price efficient and these blushes will last you a very long time. I love these blushes, both old and new shades!

Where to buy?
A Pop of Kawaii (for shades 1-5)
Kirei Plaza (all shades, shopping service required as they don't ship internationally anymore)


  1. I really like the look of the rose pink!
    In the pan I didn't really get taken by it but the swatch is super pretty!!
    Thank you for sharing :D

    1. No problem! I think the new shades are extremely gorgeous, just hope some place like Pinky Paradise, Shoppingholics or iMomoko get them in since they're amazing!

  2. I like the rose pink too! I have medium skin that gets darker in the summer so the old blushes never really attracted me (didn't think they'd show up well), but I might spring for rose pink or sweet peach next time I order from Rakuten.

    1. Since we have similar skin tones, I would definitely recommend it to you :D It's a nice rose color and I know it's super difficult to find something that color for medium skin tones!

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