Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review: Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF 15

Like many other people, redness is one of my main skin concerns when it comes to my face. I was out at my local CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet) and stumbled upon this while looking at Clinique products, so I decided to give it a try! Does it really cover up my skin redness?

Here's Clinique's description of the product from their official website:
Protects skin from the UVA/UVB exposure that can aggravate skins with Rosacea or reactive redness. Does it without chemical sunscreens. Comforting, oil-free makeup primer with a sheer green tint visually corrects redness, evens skin tone.

Sounds simple enough! The next couple of photos will show the progress of the product.
This is my bare skin with my normal primer on my face.

 My face right after application. You can see it does apply a bit uneven in some spots.

 5 minutes after application. You can see that in the results my redness has gone down a lot!

My face after applying Smashbox BB Cream on top. You can see that I don't need any further coverage since my redness has been covered! I must address though that the SPF in both products did give a bit of a whitecast to my face due to the lighting, but in real life it doesn't look like that.

As you can see from the pictures, the product worked as promised! I don't need to use anything with medium or heavy coverage to cover up any redness as the primer did it on its own. However, there are some further things that I need to address so I'll break it down.

- It works!
- You don't need to use a lot of product for it to be effective.
- Very affordable for how much you get and compared to competitors.
- Widely available at all Clinique counters, Sephora, and online through various vendors.
- Has SPF in it, so it can help protect you from the sun.

- The smell is a bit funky. People who have sensitive noses might not enjoy the scent as it is kind of medicinal.
- Applies uneven, even though it doesn't make much of a difference it still is a bit annoying.
- If you have very sensitive skin, this product might not be for you or you cannot use it alone as your primer! The first time I used this by itself I noticed that I started to break out a bit. After that I decided to use it on top of my regular moisturizer and primer.
- Has SPF in it, meaning that it will give a little bit of whitecast in photos (especially with flash or bright lights).

A great product that lives up to its claims! It's affordable compared to other similar products and comes from a reputable brand that's been around for almost 50 years. This product is oil-free, so it will work with most skin types. However, if you have very sensitive skin you might come across some problems with breaking out if used alone. If that's the case, use this over your normal moisturizer and primer.

Price: $20 at retailers that carry Clinique or $15 at Cosmetic Company Outlet locations (selection may vary at each store)

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