Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review: Candy Doll Shading Powder + Giveaway!

Hello everyone! If you follow me on my Tumblr page, you might've seen that I already have blogged a picture about getting the new Candy Doll Shading Powder. I promised a review, and here we go! Stay tuned until the end of the review, where you have the chance to win your own.

The Candy Doll Shading Powder was released in May. It comes with a couple of claims:
- Contour for face and nose.
- Waterproof, so that even during the coldest winters or hot and humid summers, it won't come off.
- Can be used as a powder foundation (for those who are NC/NW35+).
- Easy enough for beginners to use.
- With one use, the user will see the difference and will continue to contour their faces.

For those who are still unaware or confused about how to contour to your face shape, there is help! In official promotional images, they give examples of how to use the shading powder along with blush based on your face shape:

So now that I've gone over the information that was given, I'll get to my own pictures and review. I purchased mine at Takashima in San Gabriel, CA (they also have it at their Irvine, CA location) for $21.

Shading Powder outside of box.

Backside of the Shading Powder. You can see it contains 10g of product, which is the same amount that I currently get from my Fyrinnae Matte Bronzer.

Shading Powder opened up.

When applying this shading powder, I prefer a very big face brush like bdellium tools #990. I think the angled brush head helps to put the powder on the jawline perfectly!

Swatch (my underarm is approximately NW25 or light medium)
As you can see in the blended swatch, it looks very natural, but perhaps too natural for my own skin! You can see the true color when it's not blended.


- Can be used on a fairly decent range of skin tones, great for those who are fair to light-medium skin tones.
- Gives a very natural contoured look.
- Powder isn't too pigmented, but the color is buildable to give a range for contouring.
- Powder doesn't crumble easily, so it doesn't leave a mess.
- The big packaging size allows for you to be able to swipe your brush along it with ease.
- Definitely very easy to use, especially if you have a good face brush.
- A lot of product for the price, retails for 1470yen in Japan.

- Wouldn't work as a contour color for people with medium skin tones and darker (nothing past NC/NW35). 
- Personally, the color looks like bronzer on my skin (I'm NW30 or medium for reference)!
- Not good for people who like strong contour.
- Hard to find, costly from sellers online or in stores overseas.

This product is great for a natural looking face contour! I use this for my everyday makeup look when I don't have enough time to use my main contouring product, Fyrinnae Matte Bronzer (due to it being a loose powder). Just take two swipes of the powder with my bdellium tools #990 for each side of my jawline and then my contour is finished. Unfortunately this product doesn't work as a good nose contour on me, as I prefer a more ash based color for contouring in general. I do feel that it is pretty much a glorified bronzer product, and the color is too red for me leading me to believe this product was made for those who have cooler or yellow skin tones.
I would definitely get this product if you have cooler or yellow skin tones and are fair, light, or light-medium. It comes with a lot of product and is a great value!

Want your own? Enter my giveaway to win a chance to get one!

- You must be a follower on my blog via GFC.
- Open worldwide, so feel free to enter!
- Fill out the entry form. Please do not send the form more than once, if you need to change your entry please comment in this post.

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