Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review: DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil

Have any of you used cleansing oils before? If you don't know what it is, it's a product that is oil-based and can remove your makeup without having to do additional cleansing to your face.
Hearing all the hype about it, I finally decided to jump on the cleansing oil bandwagon. I wanted to try one that was affordable compared to the Western beauty brands that sell for around $25-50. While shopping at Mitsuwa I found DHC's Mild Touch Cleansing Oil for $14, and this one is touted to be good for people with sensitive skin and is very gentle.

Official description from DHC's website: Cleanse and hydrate your complexion with our shower-friendly makeup remover that utilizes moisturizing amino-acid based emollients to gently wash away cosmetics, dirt and environmental pollutants. Contains beneficial antioxidants to help purify skin and encourage softness.

Sounds good to me! So how is it?
The consistency is gel-like and of course feels oily. The scent is a little weird even though it's supposed to be lavender scented, but it's not off-putting enough to not use it.

I personally use 3 pumps of the product on dry hands and face, vigorously rub my face for about a minute, gently wet my hands to massage product for another minute or 2 and finally wash it off my face with water.

My before and after pictures:
Following my procedures, you can see that as result my makeup completely went away. Even the waterproof eye makeup!

So yes it works, but what else?

- Easy to use and very gentle with no irritation on eyes or skin.
- It's a makeup remover and skincare item in one product.
- Good for people with all skin types, and especially those who have sensitive skin.
- It's not necessary to do additional cleansing. I went to sleep without doing my usual skincare regime for one night and woke up without breakouts and my dry skin feeling soft!
- Extremely good value! You're getting 5oz of product for under $20 from most places.
- Eco-friendly alternative to other makeup removers. No makeup cloths or cotton balls required!

- The scent is a bit weird and the consistency is a bit heavy for a cleansing oil.
- You have to really rub at the eyes very well if you're wearing heavy eye makeup or waterproof products. It will get rid of it, but you need to be patient and rub, rub, rub!
- DHC is discontinuing this formula.

A good cleansing oil for all people, but especially those who have sensitive skin and need something gentle. It's very affordable with a pretty wide availability online or in-stores for those that have access to Asian beauty products locally. It works very well as a makeup remover and skincare product on its own. A good value and eco-friendly.

Recommended? Yes!

Where to buy? DHC has it on clearance for $9.80 as they have discontinued this original formula, re-launching it with a new formula in Japan recently and assuming they'll re-launch it here in the US soon as well. I bought mine at Mitsuwa for $14, and you can find it online very easily.


  1. This looks interesting!!
    I always have problem with washing the waterproof eye makeup >_<

    1. The first time I tried it with my waterproof eye makeup it didn't work, but I just needed to rub more! So it will come off, just need to take time to rub more and focus on the eyes :)

  2. I loooove the DHC deep cleansing oil. If this one is still in stock next time I place a DHC order I might try it out :)

    1. I was thinking about trying the original formula after I finish this bottle, but I do love this one so far! I would definitely recommend picking up bottles of it since it's so cheap :D