Saturday, December 22, 2012

Review: Creer Beaute La Rose de Versailles Volume & Separate Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner Set

If this post went through, that means the apocalypse didn't happen and we're still alive :P

I went to my local Tokyo Lifestyle store and saw that they had this set available for an affordable $24.99, considering that these products usually retail for about $15-18 separately! With a 10% coupon in hand, I got this set for around $24.23 since it took out most of the tax and a little more :)

Included in this review I have a swatch comparison between this and other Japanese liquid eyeliners!

Product information on the back of the packaging
Detail shot of the mascara:
 Detail shot of the liner:

Here's the liners I'll be comparing with:
- Creer Beaute La Rose de Versailles Liquid Eyeliner
- K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H
- MSH Love Liner
- Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
- Momoeri Long Beam Liquid Eyeliner

Comparison of the brush tips:
As you can see, they are all sort of similar but still have a few differences. I'd like to say that the Creer Beaute liner is most similar in brush tip to Dolly Wink or Momoeri.

 Swatch comparison (each liner was swiped twice):
As you can see, this is where you can really see the differences! Creer Beaute's is the lightest color of black and has the finest line, swatching the most similarly to K-Palette. Dolly Wink and Momoeri are both incredibly similar in terms of color, wear, and swatch. MSH is the darkest and thickest out of all of them, and is also my personal favorite out of the bunch although I prefer the wear time of Momoeri's slightly more. All of these are waterproof and wash off easily when you scrub them off in hot water.

Here's my eye wearing both the Liquid Eyeliner and Mascara:
Mascara is incredibly hard for me to find, and this one worked fairly well on my pin-straight lashes. It's not HG status (that would go to Youngblood or Maybelline Asia's Volum' Express Hypercurl) but it keeps my curl and separates very well. It actually looks like I have lashes! The liner was buildable in color and wore wonderfully even after I took off my false eyelashes. There were no patches without liner, but the color faded a bit at the end of the day. This liner might need reapplying if you are into more dramatic eyeliner!

I would recommend this set to people who want a good introduction into Japanese eye cosmetics! Both the liner and mascara are really easy to use, so beginners will find this set to be exceptionally great.
Since the black color of the eyeliner isn't too dramatic, I would recommend this to people who wear a sweeter style of makeup. Those who are looking for a dramatic look, I would recommend MSH Love Liner instead.
The mascara would be really good for people with pin-straight eyelashes that have a hard time looking for a mascara that actually works! It's great for people who want a clump-free mascara that gives a naturally defined look to your lashes, or for those who want a good mascara to use to blend their natural lashes with their false eyelashes.
The price and value is hard to beat, as it retails for 1680yen (approximately $21) for both products. Definitely worth a purchase if you're on the market for both of these products!

As for places that sell them, I haven't been able to find a place that sells them online. eBay might be your best bet online wise, or you can possibly find them at your local Asian beauty store.

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