Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: DUO Brush On Striplash Adhesive

Finding a suitable eyelash glue for false eyelashes can be hard to find, especially for beginners and those with sensitive eyes. Typically latex-based eyelash glues can get very messy and hard for beginners to use since it's hard to get the right amount of glue on without making a mess! Japanese eyelash glues such as DUP Eyelashes Fixer EX, Eyemazing Super Fit or Diamond Lash Eyelash Fixer are definitely the best option for anyone to use since they are long wearing and easy to use. However, they can be costly at around $10-15 a tube and get really thick and hard to use after use for awhile (you can see an example here).

What is a good medium between being easy to use, won't get thick within months and is affordable? Duo Strip On Eyelash Adhesive!

It comes in a nice box that has the list of ingredients and how to use it (with pictures and instructions in English, French and Spanish).

I wanted to directly compare DUO Brush On with DUP Eyelashes Fixer EX:
As you can see, the bottles and brushes are incredibly similar!

However, the difference between these lies in the formula:
As you can see, DUP's glue applies very thick while DUO's is thinner but wet in consistency. DUP's formula is purposely this way because it allows for the glue to be quick drying and allows for almost immediate application. DUO's is more wet which allows it not to get thick in consistency in the future, but it requires a bit of a wait to dry before application. Both of these apply clear, so no worries about whether the glue will show!

Other than the consistency and time for the glues to dry, these glues aren't different. They are both very easy to use and are latex-free, meaning that those with sensitive eyes or allergies won't find themselves having reactions to the glue. I am personally choosing the DUO glue, because it is much more affordable and readily available for me.

I purchased my DUO glue at Bed Bath & Beyond (only at locations with a cosmetics section, or Harmons if you're on the East coast) for $4.29. You can find these at select drugstores, beauty supply stores (like Sally's) or online stores (such as Madame Madeline) from around $4-7 a tube.

DUP's Eyelashes Fixer EX is available in my area locally for $13, but if you think about it I can purchase 3 tubes of the DUO glue for the same price as one tube of DUP! With those extra tubes you can either gift them to friends or put them everywhere in case of "shemergencies".


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    1. Is the DUO one you had the same one as in this review or the latex version in the other tube? I believe the Dolly Wink one is a latex-based glue with a brush tip but I'm not too sure since I've only seen it once before. DUP has a latex-based glue with a brush tip that I like as well since it's easy to apply and remove!

      For glues it definitely in the end all comes down to preference! I've been in the same place where people have recommended other glues to me and I absolutely hated them lol

  2. I actually love the DUP glue! I can see what you mean by it thickening though.... >< I have yet to see the DUO lash glue being released here :(

    1. I'm a big fan of the DUP glue as well, as I have 3 tubes of it scattered around in various spots LOL My favorite is actually the Eyemazing Super Fit, but it gets really thick sadly as well :( I went through 3 tubes of that glue!

      Hopefully they'll release DUO in the future in NZ! If not you can purchase tubes online like at Madame Madeline :)

  3. Great reviews! Really helpful. How is the staying power for both? Which held out longer? I used to use ARDELL's strip lash adhesive and it worked beautifully, but I'm trying to find a glue without formaldehyde and this DUO one fits the bill.

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