Monday, May 9, 2011

Advertisement: 5/21 toddland warehouse sale (Newport Beach, CA)

I am now at my final few days of school left, so I will come back from my hiatus very soon!

But for now I would like to advertise the warehouse sale for toddland! They make rad men's clothes and accessories, perfect for the men in your life ;) They're sold nationwide at Urban Outfitters stores and are the creators of the famous cheeseburger and manstache wallets along with the world's largest gummy bear :)

Despite them being a men's label, I do actually own a few toddland pieces myself! My favorites being their hats and otter tee (which incidentally I'm wearing as I'm posting this). They are super comfortable to wear and I love wearing the otter tee over my black lace/sequin tiered skirt~
This sale is taking place in Newport Beach, CA and will have great deals on all toddland products, including new and old seasons! The sale prices will NOT be found online, so you have to go to the sale in person for these amazing deals.

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