Monday, May 23, 2011

Some life updates! (finally)

So sorry to leave all of my lovely readers (and new followers, thank you!) in the dark about what's been going on in my life!

Around the time I declared the hiatus, I found out from the doctor that I had nasty stomach bacteria and was put on an antibiotic regime. The stomach bacteria was causing me to throw up all the time and I wasn't able to keep food down at times, all the while not losing any weight (boo). That same time I was slowing my pace down in school, and knew I needed to kick back into gear because of the fear of failing some classes. Luckily I didn't fail any classes and did better than I thought, but the stomach bacteria is still persistent and I will have to go back to the doctor soon.

This month has been busy as well, as my boyfriend moved out of my family's house into an apartment with our friend in Newport Beach, CA! We still need to network my boyfriend's room and also get desks for our computers before we will be fully settled in. That's kind of why I have been relying on my BlackBerry phone and PlayBook tablet for internet in the last few weeks.

I've been using the time since finishing up my finals to relax and get a little bit more active as well. Being in Newport Beach (specifically Balboa Peninsula) is really nice since you can walk everywhere, but also a pain if you can't find a parking spot! I also worked at the toddland warehouse sale that I advertised in my last post, which was very stressful but good experience at the same time. Toddland is the type of company I would love to work for in the future after I graduate, since it's a clothing brand that makes stuff that I really like and that people can really believe in.

I wish I could take more pictures of myself, but unfortunately I have a very limited wardrobe at my boyfriend's place!

But here's a few pictures that I've taken on my PlayBook recently~
Walking back to my boyfriend's place after going out somewhere. His place is steps from the beach so I get to see this everyday!
Couple picture, we totally both look like hot messes. After I saw this picture I had to cut my bangs because they got too long ~_~
LOTD picture from last Friday. I was wearing a tank top plus a sheer knit poncho top that has been popular for Spring. I love the necklace that I'm wearing too, it's a cat face carved out of wood!
My NYX order that I made during the 12th Anniversary Sale. Most people weren't able to make their orders through the duration of the sale, but I was lucky that one of my transactions actually went through. It's mostly blushes and eye shadows. I plan on giving away a few of the items since I had to get some duplicates.

Hopefully once I'm more stable I will get to posting again! I missed posting on here and sharing things with you all :)


  1. Awww glad to hear from you again! I hope you get better real soon also! cute pictures as well~ Miss your cutiepatootie face :P

    And lucky yoooou I tried so hard to get in on that NYX sale. >.< I bought some stuff with their after sale coupons! :3

  2. Glad you're back ♥

    Argh I hate stomache problems...had some for several years, I kinda know how you feel...Hope everything's better again soon!!♥

  3. Awww Im sorry to hear about your medical problems but it was nice to hear from you!

    and WOW at all the sale stuff! I had heard the site crashed a lot etc and it was hard to buy anything so well done :D

  4. you're one of the lucky ones. the site crashed on me :(

    get well soon.

  5. I was so happy to see your post!! I've really missed your blog!!

    I'm sorry about your medical problems, I hope you get better soon.

    Sooooo jealous I wishes I lived near the beach, tried to get out of time to go to the gulf but WORK got in the way.

    Looking forward to your new posts!!!