Thursday, May 26, 2011

New brand of eyelashes for gal, Eyelash Laboratory

If you have seen the last couple of month's issues of gal magazines, you'll see that a new brand of eyelashes called Eyelash Laboratory has been taking out 2 page ads to start promoting their line of eyelashes. Taking a team of gal magazine models (mostly from Popteen), they helped design and create these new eyelashes. You can see part of the process in this video that was uploaded to YouTube:

For a new brand, they already have a ton of options! All of these lashes come in 5 packs and are priced at 1050yen (tax-in). Currently they're only being sold on the Popteen store online and Don Quijote stores in Japan.

Eyelash categories:
- Cute Princess (9 styles)
- Sweet Fairy (5 styles)
- Natural Angel (3 styles)
- Rich Venus (2 styles)
- Sexy Doll (5 styles)

Pictures of the lashes behind the cut!

Cute Princess


Sweet Fairy


Natural Angel


Rich Venus

Sexy Doll


I think it's great that there is such a huge variety, even though there are some that are questionable in taste to me (like the Cute Princess styles with rhinestones or the Natural Angel + Rich Venus lines). The upper lashes remind me too much of other brands like Diamond Lash and Jewerich. However, I love all of the different bottom lashes, especially Cute Princess 006 and Natural Angel 003!

What styles do you like best? Would you try this brand? Do you think this brand is ambitious by releasing so many different styles in their infancy? Or just other comments, feel free to post your replies :D


  1. Aaah, love their lower lashes!!!! ♥
    Thanks for sharing!
    I would definitely buy some of them ♥ but I'm also not convinced of some of the upper lashes...~

  2. Mmhh some are pretty but i don't like when lower lashes aren't natural at all =s

  3. The only series that really pulls at me is Sexy Doll, upper lash-wise, anyway. Some of the lashes look too unnatural, like Rich Venus 002. Not feeling that one at all. Personally, I like lashes that have more volume with a tad bit of length. I can't stand just long long lashes, it looks obviously fake (at least on me) lol. I'd give this brand a shot, since there's 5 for only about $10, versus Dolly Wink with 1 or 2 for a set $17. Dolly Winks are MUCH cuter, but I'd like to try both!

  4. I really like the Sweet Fairy and Cute Princess selections.

    Thanks so much for this post!! Happy that you are back! <3

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  6. @ Mutsumi
    No problem, I love sharing this type of news with my blog followers! :D I do agree some of the upper lashes are kind of iffy~

    @ Shabwouina
    I agree that some of the lower lashes aren't natural, especially weird when Popteen as a magazine likes to emphasize on the natural look!

    @ Katie
    I agree that there are some that are really unnatural looking and it kind of puts people off. I like both volume and length, but not to the extent of lashes like the Rich Venus or Natural Angel styles! But the value is definitely there, and there are some styles quite unique.

    @ PeachPixie
    Thank you so much for the love back :D I'm glad to be back as well!

    @ Lyn
    I'm so sorry I accidentally deleted your comment! I was on my tablet and it decided to delete it when I clicked on the page! T_T
    But I did remember your comment, it was along the lines of that these lashes look like the combo lashes models customize, but on one lash strip. I totally agree there with you!

  7. Hahah! That's fine :) Thanks for responding! I love the look of combo lashes but, I wouldn't know how to go about customizing so, I would love these lashes.