Tuesday, May 31, 2011

JTD gets!

Hello from sunny Newport Beach, CA! I've been staying over at my boyfriend's house a lot here, but finally brought my computer so I can blog properly again.

I drove back home to get 2 packages waiting for me: one from JTD and one from Yumetenbo! Since I don't like taking pictures of the Yumetenbo packages (because I always order too much), I thought I'd share what I got from my JTD package.
I ordered from the corner (Vanquish's online store), Candy Walker Shop (Jewerich and Candy Doll's online store) and Diamond Beauty.

From the corner:

I got 5 shirts from Vanquish, 3 from the Spring '11 collection and 2 from past seasons. I love Vanquish's quality of clothes and the simple yet stylish fashion. They are hands down my favorite 109 brand at the moment. BTW, their tops fit me great! Mimmin, one of the most popular plus size Rakuten stores, used to stock Jun Komori's collaborative collection of Vanquish clothes because of this. Thought that people would like to know this~

From Candy Walker Shop:
Jewerich No. 1, Jewerich No. 3, Candy Doll Liquid Foundation No. 3 and a bunch of samples! I've gotten very attached to the Jewerich bottom lashes, so I had to buy more along with trying Tsubasa's new face products. I got the darkest shade because I tend to be more tan than what Japanese makeup usually produces ^^;;

From Diamond Beauty:
Diamond Lash Charming, Celeb, Diamond, Model, Baby eyes and Diamond Eyebrow Concealer in Chocolate Brown. Let's be honest, I only really made this order because I wanted the limited edition Diamond eye!

Here's some other shots of them, since they're pretty rare.

I'll try to do a review of them in the future!


  1. :O Those limied lashes are so gooooood, agh want XD

  2. ....D: jealous!!!
    looking forward to your reviews a lot ♥♥♥

  3. Oh man, look at all those great gets! I love Vanquish's monotone look! And eyelashes, I look forward to the Diamond Eye review^^

  4. Ooooh limited edition lashes~~ They're so pretty!! *v* Can't wait for the review~
    And so many more goodies!! :D

  5. @ Sami Spoon
    We talked over Twitter about them, and wish you were able to get some!

    @ Mutsumi
    haha you wouldn't be jealous when you saw the bill for everything LOL But I just posted my review!

    @ Sara Mari
    I love Vanquish's look too, I think it definitely will fit my body frame more than other styles (like agejo). Also a bit more wearable on a daily basis!

    @ l-article
    I just posted the review now! I have so many goodies to go through LOL

  6. Wow I like all these lashes. Are they all for you ? Do you throw out after using ? I cant because i never use it enough ! XD

  7. @ Petit-pain-depice
    Yeah I think for the most part all these lashes are for me! lol For the most part I don't throw lashes away unless they're too ratty and after many uses. Sometimes though I'll accidentally lose them (or they end up hiding in my hair)!

  8. Ahhh you got a Diamond Eyebrow Concealer!! I dyed my hair red and they're the only line offering a red eyebrow concealer, so looking forward to your review!