Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: Diamond Lash Diamond eye

This limited edition style was released for the opening of Shibuya 109 Abeno, and modeled by Chinatsu Wakatsuki in the ad.

Here are the official promo images from the Diamond Beauty website, but they're gone now as the eyelashes have sold out. Thought that people would like to see these since you can't access them anymore. Remi Sakamoto from Jelly is modeling them.

and here's mine!

Here's a closeup look on them. They're similar to Beauty eye, but the last half of the lashes is a bit furrier, so it might be a little more in resemblance to Sexy eye?

Here's a closeup on my eye. Sorry for the rough application of them, I was rushing since I only had about 20 minutes to get ready!
My full look. I tried out a new blush (NYX HD Grinding Blush in Terra Cotta) to see how it was like. Also wearing the PopSister x Vanquish collaboration shirt.

My thoughts:
- I'm not usually one for Dolly-type styled lashes, but I think these one are very appealing to those in many different styles of gal as well (especially since Remi is modeling them). I think they're very suitable on my eyes.
- These lashes are on a clear band, so they are easy to maneuver and put into place.
- Not as delicate as other clear band lashes, so they're a little bit stronger and possibly longer lasting. Could possibly get many wears from this.
- Comfort-wise, these are excellent! Felt no irritation while wearing these (wore them for about 5 hours while going out).
- As usual these lashes are shiny, but it's to be expected from Diamond Lash.

So overall I'm very impressed with these lashes, especially because they can appeal many different styles of gal! They're comfortable and easy to use. I thought I wasn't going to like these that much but came out with a different thought of them :D I hope Diamond Lash will consider producing these again for wider sale.


  1. They were in stock on Pinky Paradise earlier today but sold out it seems! :O
    They really are limited, but they are very nice regardless of that! :D
    and they really suit your eyes!

  2. They look SO pretty!! It's a shame they're unavailable now, I'd love to try them out :OO

  3. Ahhh they look so good especially on you! I would have loved to have got my hand on some T0T

  4. I looove the look of those lashes! And you look so cute with the full look! :D I really do hope they end up selling them again too.

  5. I loved those, a shame they're already sold out :(

  6. Oh wow, they are super pretty!!!
    I LOVE the 'furry' part ♥♥♥ and they do suit you well!

  7. Omo, they look soooo pretty on you! It's a shame they're not sold anymore =_=..

  8. dtan u look so tan and awesome!!! those lashes are really pretty =]

  9. there is still a seller selling them on ebay :)