Friday, June 3, 2011

Review: Candy Doll Liquid Foundation in #3

I made a post previously about this in "New Products from Candy Doll, Melliesh and Eyemazing". I finally got my hands on this through Candy Walker Shop and JTD. Luckily for you ladies, you can now buy this from iMomoko or Ichibankao.

Here's a picture of the bottle out of the package. I like how small it is while carrying a lot of product! It carries 30g of product versus 25g of product from my Canmake Essence in Foundation (which looks bigger). The one thing that kind of bothers me is that in order to make the top show the "Candy Doll" logo, you have to start by putting the cap on backwards and twist it into place :/
My foundations: Sephora Perfecting Cover Foundation in #30 Sand, Canmake Essence in Foundation in #3 Natural Ochre and Candy Doll Liquid Foundation in #3. I usually mix the Sephora foundation with a drop of the Canmake foundation to make it my perfect skin color.
Swatches of the foundations, in the same order as the picture before. You can see that the Sephora one is the darkest, Canmake is the lightest and Candy Doll is somewhere in between.
Here's my before and after picture! You can see that the Candy Doll foundation is still just a little bit too light on me :(
Here are my thoughts:
- I tried to use the same amount I usually use of foundation and ended up with too much foundation! So you can use this foundation very liberally.
- The foundation goes on very smooth.
- Coverage is excellent, concealer isn't necessary when wearing this.
- Long lasting, stayed on the whole day without feeling heavy.
- Did everything as promised and worth the hefty price!

Additional information:
- I used NYX's Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer in Green for evening out redness before applying the foundation.
- I applied the foundation with my hands and evened it out with Sephora's Professional Platinum Airbrush Foundation brush in #55.
- After the "after" photo was taken, I used Napolean Perdis Boudoir Mist Foundation Spray in Look 3 to match my skin tone.

Here is my finished LOTD using the foundation and some new products. I look really sleepy in this picture so I put some camwhore shots after this as well~ I'm wearing Vanquish btw :)
- NYX's Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer in Green
- Candy Doll Liquid Foundation in #3
- NYX Concealer Jar in Glow
- Napolean Perdis Boudoir Mist Foundation Spray in Look 3
- Diamond Puff Dolly Face
- NYX Highlight & Contour Set
- Candy Doll Highlighter in Marshmallow Purple
- Sephora Powder Eyebrow Set
- NYX Powder Blush in Copper
- Diamond Blush in Honey Orange

- Dueba Celeb Brown lenses
- Sephora Powder Eyebrow Set
- Diamond Beauty Eyebrow Concealer in Chocolate Brown
- NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
- NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Bohemian Rhapsody
- Momoeri Long Beam Eyeliner
- Jewerich No. 1 + No. 3

- NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo


  1. Nice makeup, how many shade there is on candydoll foundation? :D

  2. You think it's too light? I love it on you! ^^ It's great that you are able to mix it to your skin tone. I usually shell out 40-50$ for my MAC makeup haha but I love MAC so I guess that I don't care TOO much about that much money. Great review!

  3. I know this was a foundation review but, I love how you're doing your eye make-up now, it suits you.

  4. Yea I would agree, it seems about maybe just a shade too light. But it still seems to have great coverage~

  5. great review! i think the coverage is wonderful although it seems a bit light for you. but it still looks great when you wear it with your other makeup. :)

  6. @ Isa
    Thanks! There are currently 3 shades available, but shade 2 was released only recently so most stores only have shades 1 and 3.

    @ Mika-chan
    Thank you so much, I was glad that it could still work out for me! I know lots of die hard MAC fans who will pay for it, but it's definitely worth it! I love this though too because I have very sensitive skin and the Candy Doll foundation didn't irritate me one bit :D

    @ Lyn
    Thanks so much for the compliment! I have been experimenting a lot with eyelashes and I guess the Jewerich ones just suit me very well~ I didn't like Jewerich No. 2 very much but decided to try out No. 1 and it looks great on me!

    @ Mie
    Yes it's definitely too light, but nothing my Napolean Perdis can't fix! I love the coverage too~

    @ sugar sugar
    Thank you for the compliment! I'm glad I could make it work by fixing the shade with the Napolean Perdis foundation spray, and I think the coverage is definitely worth it the extra work. I'm very happy with that look :D

  7. pretty!
    Saw this the other day T_T wish they had it in my skin tone.

  8. @ m0m0ko:
    I know, they should definitely make more shades! I think it's wrong when even I am too dark for the darkest shades, considering I'm 100% Asian T_T

  9. Hello, I just bought the candydoll foundation and I noticed that when I poured some out, there were these greenish-gray spots that would pop and disappear. Did this happen to you as well? Is this normal?? O.O

    Thank you,