Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Circle lens review: EOS Adult Series Blue from

I'm so happy to say that decided to sponsor me and sent me a pair of Adult Series in Blue. As I already own Adult Grey, I knew that I was going to love these :D
I was sponsored for these lenses, so it's required to review it. However, it didn't in any way shape or form affect the integrity of this review.

As usual, Shoppingholics sends their packages flawlessly and safe so that your packages won't be damaged. Since I'm sure many of you have seen how they do this, I won't bore you with those pictures.

Shoppingholics recommends soaking your lenses for a minimum of 8 hours before use, but I did mine for 24 hours just to be on the safe side.
The lenses inside the case. They're a very pale blue.
The Adult Blue (bottom) compared with Adult Grey (top). I always thought the Adult Grey was more blue than anything, but having Adult Blue now proved me wrong! lol
One eye in, one eye out. You can see that these lenses has very minimal enlargement. They are very natural!
Adult Blue in one eye, Adult Grey in the other. You can see the difference in colors, and that Adult Blue is a vibrant blue while Adult Grey is a grey with blue tones.
Adult Blue lenses in both eyes, without makeup.
Adult Blue lenses in both eyes, with makeup.

- EOS is my favorite maker of lenses, so I knew I was going to love these! Especially since I have Adult Grey already.
- These are thinner than my Adult Grey, but probably due to the latter being toric lenses. Being thinner means it's lighter and I can barely feel them!
- Very natural enlargement and look, good for wearing everyday.
- These are only 14mm, so they are easy to put in and go in effortlessly.

- Great lens for beginners due to its 14mm size.
- Appealing to those who only want colored lenses with little enlargement.
- Very comfortable, can wear pretty much all day without any irritation.
- Available in a variety of colors.

Shoppingholics has wonderful customer service and is incredibly prompt with comments or questions. The detail they put into each package shows how much they care for their customers, and their personal touches make it extremely unique. Their shipping quote time was very close to the actual arrival date as well, so I definitely trust them! I'd like to thank them again for letting me have this opportunity to do this review for them!

Want to buy your own? They are $20.90 at Shoppingholics!

I will leave you guys with some full face shots:


  1. They look really good! I've always wondered if blue would look good on blue.

  2. they look so pretty on you and i like the color ^u^

  3. I love it! They do look good, girl. I like how the blue is obvious but not unnatural.

  4. So pretty! But eos contacts don't come in perscription right? Thats always my issue I can find really pretty ones but they only have piano =.=

  5. @ Sullen May
    Thanks! I would definitely recommend a blue lens like the Big Candy Blue I did a review about recently: since it'll definitely enhance your eyes :D

    @ Kawaiiberri92
    Thanks! I love the color too :D

    @ Mei
    Yeah I love how they're not obnoxiously fake looking, especially good on days when I'm lazy or don't have enough time to get glammed up!

    @ starvedwriter
    EOS makes the biggest prescription range I think, including toric (astigmatism) lenses as well :D You can look through a bunch of different sites to find your right prescription~

  6. Wow! They're looking amazing! I didn't think that they would cover blue eyes!!! It's a pity that they are only 14 mm though...

  7. Awwww Dom you look beutiful in those lens!


  8. Those lenses are really pretty!! It's such a vibrant blue!! I think the only lenses color I haven't tried is on the safe side I went with Geo Angel blue for starters :3

  9. I love coloured lenses, they really suit you..

    Im a new follower, please check out my blog if you like..


  10. Wow I really like those on you!! thanks for always reviewing lenses, they're really helpful when I make purchases. and I feel you on the EOS line, I really like how EOS has comfortable lenses..And can I just say, I really love your hair color!! They go well with the blue lenses!