Thursday, July 7, 2011

Male circle lens review: EOS Adult Series Grey from mukuCHU (Guest review)

Today I have a guest review from my good friend Jim, who is from my circle Disco NRG and we're ParaPara partners. I have previously done a review for the toric version of these, and recommended this for him since he wanted something very natural looking. These lenses are from mukuCHU and require a review, but were purchased by me.

One eye in, one eye out.
Both eyes in.
Both eyes in, direct sunlight.
Another full face picture. In case you're wondering, his top is from Varosh.

His review:
The Adult Grey lenses were really comfortable. Dom had the lenses sit in solution overnight to help them soften up and after the initial day of trying them on, it was just like wearing my everyday pair of soft lenses in terms of comfort. There's no constant shifting around or loss of focus while they're on. The clarity of the lenses was just as good as my prescription pair, too. They'll only start getting dry after about 10-12 hours of wear (at which point you should re-wet or take them off!).

I didn't want lenses that made my eyes look larger than they already were. I think AG did a good job leaving my eyes' irises the same size. There's a good balance between the amount of color in them and the size of the pupils. They did give my pupils a slightly larger appearance but not so much where it was unnatural or distracting to look at - only enough to compensate for the color.

These lenses were for free for me since they were given as a birthday present but normally they cost ~$25 before shipping. Dom told me that they should last anywhere between 6-12 months depending on how frequently they're used. If you own multiple pairs as well as everyday pairs of lenses they'll definitely last closer to the 12 months side.

I've only been wearing these lenses on and off for a few days now but I can't find many things wrong with them. If I had to nitpick, I'd say they are closer to blue-grey than actual grey, especially in direct sunlight. It's just slightly different from what I imagined grey being at first, but I got used to it and will probably have days where I want this effect as opposed to darker grey.

Overall, I recommend these to anyone that want to add a pale grey blue to their collection / image. They're natural looking and not nearly as dramatic as other lenses out there. If that's what you're after, don't overlook this pair!

Want your own pair? Get them from mukuCHU!