Monday, July 25, 2011

Thursday at San Diego Comic Con

Comic Con tickets are hard to come by, but luckily my boyfriend's brother was able to get me a ticket for one day (Thursday). Hopefully next year I'll get a 4 day pass, but we'll see!

I only had a few objectives, which were the following:
- Get the KidRobot figure for Mysterion (South Park) and a couple of the Street Fighter figures for my boyfriend.
- Go to the Pee Wee Herman, Street Fighter x Tekken and Penn & Teller panels.

I have a couple of pictures from when I went, but not too much since they're mostly on the SLR... which was left by my boyfriend in his mom's car! But I'll start with a picture of a burned down trailer on the way to the convention (on Pacific Coast Highway).

Tony and I were trying to go to the Pee Wee Herman panel so we went early and got the Twilight panel instead FML!! Definitely was not interested in that...
Pee Wee Herman! We managed to move up really close (we behind the first section with press), although I had tons of people photobombing because we were by the Q&A line.
Pee Wee again! It was so great to see him in person.
When we were getting off the shuttle I noticed the South Park balloons in the air, but was totally amazed that they actually had a set up to depict the actual town!
The school bus with the South Park characters on the side, super cool!
Welcome to South Park!
There were a lot of people there since there was a lot to do. If you checked in on foursquare you were given a free South Park shirt (which I got) and a bag of cheesy poofs (which I didn't get, ran out by the time I went). There was an art exhibit, photo ops, face painting and avatar generators that I also didn't do as well. But I did get free snowcones, which helped in the heat!
We went behind the South Park village to go to the food trucks in town, which we have little to no knowledge on (since we're big in the OC/LA food truck scene). We decided on Devilicious, who's going to be on the next season of Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race" along with our local truck, The Lime Truck.
Tony got the BBBLT, which was greasy and delicious, which I'm sure is what it was supposed to be. The bacon had a really yummy taste and the fried egg complemented it very well.
My butter poached lobster grilled cheese. It was small but also on the filling size, definitely really tasty!

I wish I had more photos to share, especially of the Sprint IGN Gaming Lounge that was also set up outside! There was a charging station and lounge chairs which was exactly what I had needed, since my phone was about to die before we got there.
We went there after we weren't allowed into the Street Fighter x Tekken panel (was already full with a standby line to get in, eek). Tony and I played Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3 together and because he went easy on me I actually won him a t-shirt that included the new characters for the game. :D It was really fun and if you're curious, my team was Magneto, Amaterasu and Deadpool. Tony got to play Street Fighter x Tekken but they ran out of the tshirts for the winners, which is unfortunate because they were really cool :'(
When the Street Fighter x Tekken panel got out, Ono and Harada (the producers) came out to do some challenges for people. They picked people to represent Street Fighter and Tekken in a sumo wrestling relay contest, and the winning team would get to punish the losing team in the way they wanted. Harada's (Tekken) team won, so he got to pie Ono in the face which was really amusing.

After leaving the IGN Lounge we went off to another free event, the CNET bar where they were giving out free drinks and food. I got a glass of wine and we got the perfect table situated near the kitchen doors for when food would come out. We were only supposed to get one free drink, but a waiter dropped off another glass of wine for me and then we got a coke as well. Since they were only passing out hors d'oeuvres and I downed my glasses fast I got drunk ^^;; So we left to find a Starbucks and get coffee to counteract the alcohol effects.

Luckily there was one at the hotel where the next panel we had to go to was, so I got a drink and a lemon bar to nibble on to get rid of my drunkenness (which did work). Afterwards we went to see the panel for Penn & Teller, who are famous magicians that perform in Las Vegas. My mom got us tickets to see their magic show live for our anniversary last year, so it means a lot to us! They were at the con to show footage of their new show that will be on the Discovery Channel, Penn & Teller: Tell A Lie. Definitely was fun to see them again in person, Teller even decided to talk during the panel ;)

After the panel we met up with Tony's mom and called it quits for the day. Left the house at 6:30am and made it back around 12am :/ Super long day!


  1. Thanks for the writeup, this is something I'll never be able to attend/see in my life so its cool to know more about it. The Street Fighter x Tekken panel sounds cool, love those games. And its amazing to me how South Park is still going after all these years haha

  2. Ooo awesome, i only went to the Comic Con here in San Francisco.. but i know the San Diego one is huge... that South Park town seems pretty awesome... thanks for sharing!

  3. One of my friends went there and he seems to've had a blast! : D

  4. Ahh that sounds like so much fun!! The food looks so good too! Can't wait until Street Fighter x Tekken comes out!! @_@

  5. That is HILARIOUS that you made it to the Twilight panel! People were camped out for days for that stupid thing.
    I'm totally jealous of your butter poached lobster grilled cheese sandwich! :D

  6. WOW the South Park is so cool!
    Id love to go to Comic Con some day :D

  7. @ Sara Mari
    It's a shame it's so hard to attend now! I used to go a lot as a kid up until the years that they starting selling out of tickets before the show :( Now it's a big hassle to go! Street Fighter x Tekken is a lot like Tekken Tag (which was one of my favorite games as a kid) so I have high hopes for it! It's great to see South Park still around as well, since I grew up with it and it definitely has shaped me as a person lol

    @ Pinksugarichigo
    I wonder how the SF one compares to the one in SD! But yeah it is definitely big, since they pretty much take up the whole downtown area for the convention.

    @ 나니
    It definitely was fun, but tiring as well. Lots of lines to wait in! haha

    @ l-article
    The food was definitely delicious, I'll try to find the truck next time I happen to be in SD :D Street Fighter x Tekken definitely is very exciting, but the wait is too far since it'll be released next Spring :(

    @ Rebecca
    I think it's funny too since I got in with no problems and I didn't even want to, lol!
    The grilled cheese was so decadent :D

    @ Sami Spoon
    The South Park village was definitely awesome seeing in person! I just hate how difficult it is to get passes now :(

  8. Wooow that looks really cool!! ^---^ ♥ I wish there would be that big events here in Finland but no.. XDD I really wanna visit USA someday!! ♥♥
    Oh and the food looks amazing!!! ♥♥♥