Monday, July 18, 2011

NKOTBSB - 7/1 & 7/6

I try not to make it a secret that I'm a teenybopper, so when I found out New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys were doing a collaboration tour together it was like a dream come true! I was fortunate enough to go to their 2 concerts in my area with my wonderful best friend in the world :)

Here's a video of them performing their single "Don't Turn Out The Lights" together on Dancing With The Stars to get acquainted with them ;)

7/1 - Los Angeles @ Staples Center

Here's my FOTD, which I did 7 hours before the show! Alice and I were worried that there was going to be a lot of traffic but we actually got up there in just about an hour...

So to kill some time there we went into Anime Expo for a little bit (since I had to pick up my badge for the next day anyways) and Alice was totally terrified of all the cosplayers and furries x_x But fortunately we ran into a close friend from high school that we haven't seen in awhile! It was great to see her, especially since we haven't been able to since we had a falling out with one of her close friends that prevented us from seeing her.
We also had food from LudoTruck and Bappul, which were really yummy! I've had the pleasure of eating from Ludo before at the OC Foodie Fest last year, and it was no different in terms of quality and taste. His chicken balls are really yummy~ Bappul sells kimbap for an extremely affordable price, and definitely recommend their Beef Katsu kimbap roll :)
Another weird thing we came upon were a bunch of skaters (they claimed that the area is famous for skaters). One of them came and talked to us and he probably looked like he was 16 years old but asked us why Asians don't date/have sex with Mexicans... lol He tried to get into our pants despite my protests of having a bf, so we decided to ditch him and pretend we were looking for my cousin. Which we ended up actually doing, since she wanted to get some lashes from me! She also attended the NKOTBSB concert as well, but had much better seats than us!

Here's a picture of me and Alice together inside the venue. Our makeup still looks pretty good for it being on for 7+ hours, the wonders of primer and makeup setting spray!
The venue usher that was in front of us for the whole show was a total bitch! People would ask her if she could take pictures of their groups and she flat out said no!! and then after the show we were waiting for my cousin and she told us to get out. Stupid bitter lady >:O

The opening acts were Ashlyne Huff and Jordin Sparks, whom we both saw last year since we saw Jordin Sparks during her Battlefield tour. We were both really proud to see Jordin since she's one of our favorite singers, and bb girl has lost a lot of weight! Here's a video of her performing "I Am Woman", which you can buy on iTunes of course ;)

Here's the opening video for their shows, which starts off with them singing NKOTB's Single and BSB's The One.

Some pictures, the rest are on my Flickr:

 Lucky girls who got to go on stage for "I'll Never Break Your Heart".
 Should be a crime to be this ridiculously good looking at 41!
 Kevin Richardson (former member of BSB) came to the show as a surprise! It was so great to be able to see him singing with the group even though he left 5 years ago.
 Everyone on stage.
The end of the show/encore.

7/6 - Anaheim @ Honda Center
After experiencing the first show, we both decided last minute to attend the show in OC (which is closer for us anyways lol).
Because this show was close to my house we had more time to get ready and guess what? I did my hair! lol
I haven't done it in a really long time so please excuse how boring looking it is. Need to start practicing again~

You can see how hot it was outside (around 90-100F range) by how oily my face is lol

I picked our seats strategically because based on the show in LA I saw that members of the groups would go into certain sections. I picked correctly because we got Jordan & Jon (NKOTB) and Nick, Howie, and AJ (BSB) in our sections! The girl that Nick picked for "I'll Never Break Your Heart" was 2 rows ahead of us! She was so lucky :'(
The only complaint about my seats was that there was a family in the front row of my section with 2 boys (one around 8 and one around 15 who was super tall), their mom and the grandma. I thought the mom was super selfish because she made her family suffer and they clearly didn't want to be there! Those seats could've gone to people that really cared about being their *coughuscough*
I brought 2 cameras this time because my Cybershot died on me at the LA show, so I wanted to make sure I could get everything! So as usual, they're on my Flickr split up into albums from my Lumix and Cybershot.
NKOTBSB on stage during the opening.
NKOTB on the sub-stage being lifted up!
 Nick Carter! He's always been my favorite BSB member, ever since I was 5 years old.
 Jordan Knight's pucker face is one of my favorites lol He's been my fave NKOTB member since I was 3/4 years old.
All of the guys on the stage during the encore.

I'll leave all of you with some recent music videos~
Backstreet Boys - Bigger (filmed in Tokyo!)

New Kids on the Block - Summertime


  1. Jon Knight is still sexy as hell.

  2. Jon definitely looks like he hasn't aged at all!