Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why Ulta has the best rewards system

I talk very fondly about Ulta stores (US only, sorry international ladies!), especially since it's where I get my hair done. They have great sales going on every week on top of always having a great selection. But I have more reasons to love them now.
I bought all of this:
For only this much!
That's a $102.75 discount! The reason why I got the discount was because my rewards points built up over the year and I had never been asked to use them before last month. I go in every couple of months to do my hair (at around $100ish each time) and grab a few products while I'm there. That's it, but somehow I racked up almost 9000 points in this duration! They give you discounts when you reach a certain amount of points, with 7500 points being the $100 discount. So not only did I get $100 discount (with a NYX sale going on at the same time, which is where the extra $2.75 comes from), I still have points leftover to get a discount on my next purchase!

Ladies, if you've got an Ulta store within the area you live in PLEASE join their rewards program! Better yet, use their salon and spa services if they're available at your local stores! You won't regret the amazing rewards you'll receive just by staying beautiful.


  1. Ulta is just lovely. We had one open about 3 years ago now and I don't know how I lived with out it. The coupons, the sales and the rewards are AWESOME.

    I haven't gotten my hair done at the salon because I live a good 30mins away from the store. But I'm considering doing it.

  2. Oh my gosh!! That's so awesome!! They're finally opening 2 Ulta stores where I live...and one of my friends got hired~ :3 I'm pretty excited!!

  3. wow....$100 discount is awesome. ulta is great when they have sales and specials :)

  4. Dang girl that is a DEAL!!!!

  5. Craaaazzyyyyyy!!! That's freaking amazing. I never knew they had an Ulta here in Cali. The first and last time I was at an Ulta was in Texas (°_。)

  6. @ PeachPixie
    That's about the same time that mine has been open! Definitely a pleasure going there <3 If you have the time I would definitely get your hair done there, they have a bunch of coupons for first time visits :) My favorite part is you can really tell how much the people at the salon love working at Ulta, since it's pretty much like they're in a candy shop! lol

    @ l-article
    That's exciting to hear, they're definitely worth your time and visits :D Congrats to your friend as well!

    @ cushy
    I couldn't believe when the cashier told me I had a $100 discount when I got my hair done, so I knew I had to come back to use it! lol I love Ulta <3

    @ Mie
    Definitely an amazing deal!

    @ Mei
    There's a ton of Ulta's around me in Orange County, not too sure how many there are in SGV! But definitely look for it because they have amazing sales right now, including buy one get one 50% a bunch of the drugstore brands (including NYX).