Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I know there are a lot of people that are iffy with highlighting/contouring, so I thought I would make a post about the highlighters that I own! In the post I have swatches and short reviews of each of the products I have along with where to buy them and other recommendations.

My collection:
Highlighters: Diamond Blush in Gold Jewelry, Candy Doll in Marshmallow Purple, Eyemazing Cosmeline in Lavender and NYX Highlight (liquid).

Left to right: Eyemazing, Candy Doll, NYX, Diamond Blush in natural light
The highlighters in the same order as the previous picture, but with flash. (I'm so tan!! lol)

Thoughts on each product:
- Looks similar to the Candy Doll product, but actually works more like the NYX highlighter!
- Highly pigmented with a matte finish.
- Don't need to use a lot for it to show.

Candy Doll:
- One of the most popular highlighters, made particularly for sweet/natural looks (Popteen).
- Very light in color/pigmentation with glitter.
- Doesn't particularly stand out on its own (my personal opinion).

- Super pigmented, only need a tiny amount for it to show a lot!
- Great price for how much product you get, and easy for highlighting beginners to use.
- The formula can be a little watery/inconsistent at times, so mixing a bit evens it out more.

Diamond Blush:
- Probably my least favorite of the highlighters. Made specifically for gals with more glam looks (egg/nuts/JELLY/etc).
- A gold shade with lots and lots of glitter with very little pigmentation.
- Stands out more for the amount of glitter versus actual highlighting (my personal opinion).
- Great to use along with another highlighter.

My Application:
What I personally do is use the NYX liquid highlighter (a very tiny amount) and putting it on the following areas (bottom right diagram):
I usually use either Candy Doll or Diamond Blush on top of the NYX highlighter, to smooth out the rough edges and add a touch of shimmer. I don't like using those 2 in particular by themselves because I don't think they show enough on their own, plus they get too glittery as you pile them on. T_T

If you can only afford to buy one highlighting product, the NYX liquid highlight or Eyemazing highlighters are great on their own.

Where to get them?
- NYX Liquid Highlight: Cherry Culture ($17) I also use Liquid Contour as well!
- Diamond Blush: A Pop of Kawaii ($17.70), Pinky Paradise ($19.99)
- Candy Doll: iMomoko ($16.95), Pinky Paradise ($19.99)
- Eyemazing: Venus Style (1260yen)

Other recommendations:
- NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlighter: Cherry Culture (On sale for $5.99)
- NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (check out Mei's Valentine's Day tutorial to see how she uses this as a highlighter): Cherry Culture (On sale for $2.99)
- Melliesh Cheek Color in Clear Lavender (see Jae's post comparing this to the Candy Doll highlighter): Pinky Paradise ($17.99)
- Candy Doll Concealer: iMomoko ($19.99), Pinky Paradise ($22.99)
- Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer (see how Romihi uses it as a highlighter): available anywhere where you can buy Maybelline!


  1. The NYX highlighter is what I use for Faux Drag. I love it!! But I may give the others a try too.

  2. I actually have the nyx one and while i hate to support them i really like it.

    I manage to get it for $1 during their 10th anniversary sale along with the contour. Its easy to apply and blends well

  3. So many highlighters *_* How do you decide which to use on what occasion? :o Unless if you got them to review and see how they are of course. (:

  4. @ PeachPixie
    I love it too, and that look on you was great :D

    @ Mie
    Yeah I bet, especially after the 12th anniversary sale :( How was it compared to the 10th anniversary one? You're lucky to get it so cheap, I got the set from eBay for around $18 so not too bad as well :D

    @ Alice
    Yeah I definitely wanted to try a bunch of different highlighters to see how they were going to be like! I use the NYX one the most, and probably going to use the Eyemazing one for when I don't want too much highlighting action going on~
    For everyday use I would say the Candy Doll + Eyemazing ones are the most subtle with the NYX and Diamond Blush being very noticeable and very glam!

  5. Great post!
    I like highligthing and shading, but I put a lot work into it when I really want to look perfect. Usually I`ll just slap on some highlighter and maybr 50% of the time add a little contour to make my face look like it has some bones, maybe. Currently my fav is Canmake 05 beige highlighter!

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