Monday, June 20, 2011

My weekend at the Obey sale~

Apparently a lot of people saw my advertisement for the OBEY warehouse sale, because it got about 700 views in the days before and during the sale! I had a pleasure working there and hope some people saw me there!
I didn't take a lot of pictures since of course I had to work, but I'll share some of the ones I took :D

PS for anyone curious: Don't bother asking me how you can work at these sales. However if you're interested in when the next sale is, please go on the official OBEY clothing website and sign up for the mailing list! Newsletters are sent every week :)

I only had time on the first day (Friday) to take pictures of my makeup~ The other 2 days were very hectic!

I tried out the Eyemazing Cheek Color in Miracle Orange for the weekend. It's very similar to Diamond Blush in Honey Orange (my favorite blush) except without all of the glitter. I will elaborate more in a future post about orange blushes!
My eye makeup for the day! I wore my King brown lenses along with Jewerich No. 1 and No. 3 for eyelashes.

The first day (friends and family) started out really scary because Tony couldn't work with me that day. However I had help in the beginning from Don (OBEY employee) with how everything was going to work in regards of counting the clothes. Afterwards he sent veteran warehouse sale employees Mariah and Leslie to help me, I love those girls so much :D We had a lot of fun together through out the weekend!
Because some employees got in trouble previously for selling the friends & family passes, each employee was really limited and because of that it was pretty chill for the most part~ This enabled the customers to be able to sort through their clothes with us and we (the employees) were allowed to give our opinions on clothes with them. If anyone I helped is reading this, I hope I helped you ^^ haha

One of the OBEY employees brought in their St. Bernard puppy named Harlow to the sale! She's only 10 months old and is so big and snuggly <3

At the end of the first day, these people came to camp out for the public sale. Mind you, this was at 7:30pm on Friday and the public sale didn't start until 8am the next day! Oh what people will do to get cheap clothes...

I had to get up early the next 2 days, so no makeup shots of me!
This is the warehouse from my point of view. I think when I took this picture it was near the start of the public sale on Saturday.
My table! We had a calculator, tax table, product list, invoice sheets, Andre the Giant sign and zip ties. Extra bags were under the table~
Tony came to work the sale for Saturday and Sunday! I was happy to be working alongside my bf but he got sent around to different tables through out the days. Mariah and I seemed to be the only ones to keep our table during the weekend for the most part.
The Andre the Giant sign was supposed to be used to signal customers for which one of us was free, but us people on the line came up with a few other uses. For the weekend it was my sign, fan (it was so hot in there!), paddle and mask. So I am "Andre the Shortie" here~ lol
I didn't want to spend too much money since I have to use the money I made to go to NYC soon. But I did buy this necklace and a few other things. I LOVE the pinkish gold chains on it! If you're interested in one of these, you can get the black version on the OBEY store.

Also an unrelated picture for you all:
I went to Disneyland earlier in the week to ride on the new Star Tours. I wore my Marie hat and put the 3D glasses on her while we waited to get inside. <3


  1. obey!!! and that necklace looks cool! :)

  2. I LOVE warehouse sells~ I hope you made plenty of money for your trip!!!

    That is the cutest hat EVER! :)

  3. @ Juvy
    Do you like Obey? The clothing is so different from gal but there are some pieces that I love to death! and I totally love the necklace too, it's so unique :D

    @ PeachPixie
    I've only ever been to Obey warehouse sales, so it was interesting to be on the other side of the counter versus being the customer lol

    I love my Marie hat too, but it's too warm! lol