Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Luminous Change: Rumi Itabashi's line of Eyelashes and Crystal Gel Seal

While I'm not a big fan of Rumi Itabashi aka Rumiringo (personal issues), I do have to admit that her line of products looks really nice and doesn't get enough exposure. It's not available in many places and mostly sold out, but we can all drool at the product images and hope they come back in stock soon! Bigger images in the cut~
Luminous Change Eyelash, available in packs of 5 for 1,155yen.
No. 01: Natural Extension Eye

No. 02: Pure Elegant Eye

No. 03: Volume Glamorous Eye

No. 04: Cool Beauty Eye

No. 05: Natural Volume Eye

No. 06: Funwari Fairy Eye

No. 07: Tare-me Feminine Eye

No. 08: Pacchiri Tatenaga Eye

No. 09: Deka Mori Eye (lower)

My favorite of the designs are mainly the ones that are identical to Jewerich styles (No. 3, 5 and 6) and No. 9. I think No. 9 looks like a mix between Jewerich's No. 3 and Melliesh, which makes for a really cute lower eyelash. I would get these lashes in a heartbeat if they were available, it's a bargain compared to Jewerich!

Luminous Change's line of Crystal Gel Seal's include nail seals that you can put directly on your nails without the need of a manicure along with rhinestones and extra nail stickers to decorate them however you want to. Priced very fair at 609yen with 12 different designs.

Where to buy her products? They're available at Studio Nail on Rakuten, available for shipment overseas! Use the keyword "ルミナスチェンジ" in the search engine to find all of the products.


  1. I just saw these literally 20 minutes ago at Picasso (Donki) haha they looked so enchanting especially #6! Thank you so much for sharing the information on them!

  2. rumiiiiiiiii!!! these are so hot! love them!! =D

  3. @ Sara Mari
    If you get a chance to get them please do! Also I would totally send you some money if you could pick up some packs for me (although you shouldn't feel obligated)!

    @ Tomo
    You know I dislike Rumi but I do agree that these are really awesome! lol

  4. Ohhh lashes lashes. I'm really loving the Natural Volume Eye. (・◇・)

  5. Theyre all so pretty~ *O*
    I want no.5 and the lower lashes!