Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Diamond Beauty Cream Summer Series, Miki Fujimoto's Eyemazing Line

Last week Diamond Beauty added cream blushes and eyeshadows to their product line for the summer, featuring Remi Sakamoto of Jelly as their model. Eyemazing is really expanding as well, they not only released a line for Mizukitty but also for Miki Fujimoto of Hello! Project fame.

First up is Diamond Beauty's Cream Cheek line. Each one retails at 840yen.

First color: Baby Pink

Second color: Strawberry Pink

Third color: Peach Orange

Fourth color: Pure Orange

Now onto Diamond Beauty's Cream Shadow line. They retail at 630yen each and is Diamond Beauty's first eyeshadow products! All of the colors are a variation of gold, which is very on point with gal makeup trends.

First color: Pink Gold

Second color: Nudy Gold

Third color: Brilliant Gold

Fourth color: Mint Gold

Personally for me I think that the colors are very trendy and pretty, even the green shade! Even though I think they're pretty I don't think I'll be running after them, since I can get similar products from NYX at the same price or cheaper. But for those of you in Japan, grab these while you can since I think they're only available for the summer!

Now onto the Ciffone line of Eyemazing eyelashes produced by Miki Fujimoto (or Mikitty as I affectionately called her during my Hello! Project fangirl days). She's an idol so she is pretty much forced to produce/endorse something, but never would've thought she would do something like this! Her line is pretty basic and is more for OL type ladies, but thought it would be relevant for those who are looking for work-safe eyelashes. There's 3 designs priced at 1260yen for 3 pairs (like the rest of the Eyemazing series).

No. 401: Idol eye

No. 402: Party eye

No. 403: Secret eye
For those interested in the entire line of Eyemazing eyelashes (Jun Komori, Tenchimu, Kyari, Mizukitty and Mikitty), they're all available on Rakuten shop La Primavera, which ships overseas! They have many more lashes including Marimo's line and rebranded Nature is lovely (under the brand Ricoeye). Their service is great so feel free to shop with them!


  1. Oh I really like the peach orange blush & the nudy gold eyeshadow ♥ guess I can get those colors cheaper though xD♥ thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for this! have you tried the diamond nose make up? i like them but I dont know if they're worth it!

  3. cool thank you for the update!
    I already have similar shades as well so I think I will pass >< the packaging is quite cute though~
    I wanted to ask you and I hope you don't mind >< but does the candywalker shop you mentioned in your previous post also ship overseas?

  4. @ Mutsumi
    It's a pleasure to share new products with my followers!

    @ Yapo Nightroad
    You're welcome! I haven't tried Diamond Nose Makeup, since I just use eyebrow powder + liquid highlighter (from NYX) to contour my nose. A lot of models are using that and similar products (from KATE), so I would assume it's good~

    @ Emi
    Candy Walker Shop unfortunately doesn't ship overseas, so you would have to use a shipping service to shop with them :(

  5. Thank you so much for always reporting the new products! The peach pink blush looks nice to me, and the short eyelashes are so interesting. It might be fun to turn the Party Type into lower lashes.