Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mizukitty for Eyemazing: Sweet Ribbon Series

Popteen and Nicky model Mizukitty has teamed up with the Eyemazing label to create her own subseries: Sweet Ribbon Series. The main points for her series was to have eyelashes that were comfortable and good quality, made your eyes look cute, be natural looking all the while being affordable!

There will be 4 styles and will be released nationwide in Japan on 6/8. They are priced at 1260yen for 3 pairs per pack.

Her Eyemazing line consists of No. 301, 302, 303 and 304.
No. 301 and 302 together (top and bottom)
No. 303 (top)
No. 304 (accent)

I think this line of eyelashes is great for those who like the Popteen style of makeup, dolly and sweet! My favorite so far is No. 301, which reminds me a lot of the combo lashes that many gyaru model do. It gives both length and volume while being very dolly.

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