Saturday, June 11, 2011

Best friend's graduation

Last night I attended my best friend's graduation at UCI~ I only got a few pictures since I was a bit rushed but nonetheless I had fun and congrats to her again for graduating :D

I went back to my house so I had a full length mirror! I had to change the shoes to boots last minute too because it got really cold :(
Top: Vanquish
Necklace: Wet Seal
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Forever 21
 Face shot in the bathroom light, hate it so much :( But I ended up only having 5 minutes to try to camwhore some pictures of myself LOL
 Here's one with better lighting from my PlayBook, but a bit more blurry :(
My best friend in line waiting to figure out what to do before the commencement~ She looks so cute *_* Too bad I don't have a picture of us together, we have to wait for the UCI photographer to send her the one he took of us.
The Bachelor graduates from the school of Arts and Physical Sciences! Congrats to you guys :D


  1. Cute outfit, I like the bathroom photo though because it shows your eye makeup well! Congrats to your friend, how wonderful for her^^/

  2. cute outfit and love your makeup! =)

  3. AAAw dtan you look so cuuuuuuuuute!!! && congrats to your friend!! =D =D

  4. Aw congrats to your friend! UCI is such a great school. Since I used to live in Irvine, I wanted to get into UCI so I could move back to Orange County! >_< but I don't think I have the grades to get into it haha

    You look too cute! Love those heels ^_~

  5. Oh, I like the bathroom photo as well!
    && many people at the graduation...congrats to your friend!!♥

  6. I love your outfit!~ And you make up too! Very kawaii! What's your hair color? Love it!!

  7. I agree with Sara Mari, the bathroom photo really shows off your make-up skills!! ^__^

  8. @ Sara Mari
    Thanks for your compliments, and the congrats for my friend :D I did like how the bathroom photo showed my eye makeup, but it washed out the rest! haha

    @ Emi
    Thanks very much :D

    @ Tomo
    Thanks bb!

    @ Mika
    You should be able to transfer into UCI, I heard it's not super hard and they accept a lot of transfers! lol But it'd be great if you moved back to OC, would love someone to hang out with since I go to CUI (next to UCI). Also check out Tokyo Lifestyle in the University Town Center if you're ever back in that area~

    @ Mutsumi
    Thanks :D There were a lot of people at the ceremony, they usually use that stadium for concerts or basketball games!

    @ Jendee
    Thanks for the compliments :D My hair color is Redken color done by my stylist at Ulta!

    @ Tricia Isabela
    Thanks so much! I'm glad people can still see my technique! lol

  9. Cute outfit, and I like how pale your lips look. Congrats to your friend, wishing her luck in the future.