Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween haunt FOTD makeup (10/14+21) and Sephora gets!

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I'm sorry I haven't been doing a lot again, I lost my camera charger and was running on very low battery! But luckily I found it now so I can take pictures for reviews and tutorials in the future. :)

The last 2 weeks I went to Halloween haunts, one at Knott's Berry Farm and the other at Universal Studios per usual yearly tradition for me :) I met Tony while going with a group of friends to the Halloween Haunt at Knott's 3 years ago, and they helped us become really close and eventually got together. So they really do mean a lot to me for that sentimental value :') Since my battery was low on my camera I just took FOTD shots for the most part.

I did my eye makeup a lot different, since I wanted to be a bit more sultry for night time.

10/14 - Knott's
I tried out my new Decolog Rich eyelash that I got at Cosmeland from my last post. I like them a lot more that I thought I would, I'll definitely do a proper review of these in the future. My face primer, eyeshadow and blush were from dodo cosmetics and my lipstick was NYX Round Lipstick in Peach, which were items I got from my last post as well. It was definitely a day to test new items!

Before Tony and I left we decided to grab dinner at my old high school, since they had a food truck fundraiser there. I really wish I could eat more from food trucks more since I found out I can't really eat fast food anymore (I'm sensitive and throw up :x, but I guess it's for the better). I spend all my money on makeup now so there goes my food budget LOL
I opted for Dos Chinos's Hollywood Chicken papas (fries). Their Hollywood Chicken is a Thai yellow curry, really yummy! Tony got the stoner burrito (secret menu item) and this one girl next to us was eying his burrito the whole time he was eating it lol

The Lime Truck was there as well, which is still my favorite truck! It's hard to get their food now though since they won The Great Food Truck Race, they have crazy lines/mobs like this. T_T Although I am very happy that Daniel is succeeding very well, keep up the amazing work!

So I guess some helpful hints if you want to be not scared at a Halloween haunt: don't cling on tight to your partner/friends, don't wear something outlandish or just look scared in general. I bought this amazing jacket from Forever 21 the week before, it's all sequins *_*
...and because of it many of the actors came up to me because of how shiny I was! haha But it was fine though since I'm not usually scared at the Knott's Halloween Haunt (Universal though is a different story...)

10/21 - Universal
I have been wearing a lot of neutrals as of recent so I wanted to add some color into my makeup. I decided on making full use of my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV by using shadows in Cobra (lid), Baked (crease), Hijack (crease) and a bit of Gunmetal (dusting on the lid plus on my bottom lid). I also used the liner and mascara that came with the palette, but I didn't like them as much as my usual products (either Dolly Wink, Momoeri or MSH Love Liner and Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamor Volume On). I also used Eyemazing No. 002 on top (Diamond Lash Baby eye on bottom), which I want to do a review on in the future as well. I love love love them and wish I had tried them before LOL I'm also wearing Benefit's new Watt's Up highlighter, which I love a lot so far :)

If you live in Southern California or the Orlando, FL area, I definitely recommend that you HAVE to go to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. Since they have the film rights to most of the famous horror movies, they always have the best mazes, production values and actors. They really love what they do and you'll be terrified there. It's expensive but worth it!

I went shopping with Alice (the bff) as per usual. Although I made an order online with Sephora for their Friends & Family Sale 2011 (definitely do this if you're in the US), Alice wanted to get some skincare items and to get the special weekend-only 100 point philosophy gift. I picked up Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Busy Signal and Tokidoki's Siberia Blush Brush, and got the 500 point gift of a Tarte sampler set. It came with their ReCreate Primer, Smooth Operator illuminating serum (highlighter), multiplEYE primer and mascara, Mineral bronzer and 24.7 Lip sheer. I really like the bronzer so far, it has a pretty shimmer and blends pretty flawlessly into my skin.
The samples of the Chanel foundation I actually got at Nordstrom, but I thought I would put it in this picture since it's makeup as well. If you want to treat yourself to a really expensive and luxurious foundation, the Perfection Lumiere foundation is AMAZING. I got a sample from one of my issues of allure but wanted to get shade matched since the one I had was just a tad bit too dark. Alice and I both went to get shade matched for foundation, and the makeup artist flawlessly applied the foundation and our faces looked airbrushed!
I'm very excited to get the full bottle in the future (Tony is buying it for my 3rd year anniversary present), but for now I'm milking out the free samples they're giving out through the month of October. It's a month long campaign at Chanel makeup counters, just get shade matched by one of their makeup artists and come home with samples to make sure you want to commit to buying it! They're a hefty investment at $55/bottle, so definitely sample it out.


  1. Nice shopping spree!It is nice to see ^^

  2. Love the sephora haul, you make me want to cry >.<;; I want to order from too them! hahaha love the fries .. :O the look so yummy!!

  3. @ Nana
    Thank you! I had fun looking around :D

    @ Jen
    Do they not have Sephora stores in NZ? If so I'm so sorry, I don't know how I can live without Sephora ;_;