Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: Eyemazing No. 002 Eyelashes

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I'm a big fan of Jun Komori and her Eyemazing line, so I thought it would be appropriate to do a review! I am kind of ashamed actually I haven't tried these earlier, since Eyemazing No. 003 were one of my first pairs of lashes!

Here's a closer look at the lashes. They're supposed to be more of a Western style, which is why they're more full. If you want to complete her look, use Eyemazing No. 002 and Eyemazing No. 202 while wearing Max Pure Brown lenses.

Here's an easy way to get the lashes out of the pan: Gently bend the edge of the pan like shown and then take out the lashes starting at the end of the lash spine.

My eye without lashes. I'm using the brand new Cream Shadows by NYX, which are new for the fall. They're not available yet online, but I'll give you more info on where to buy them in the US in an upcoming post!

My eye with the lashes on, no bottom lashes. You can see how big they open my eyes already!

My eye with bottom lashes applied, which are a dupe for Eyemazing No. 202 (I ran out and would rather buy the dupe!)

The length on these lashes are perfect for me, so they're suitable for small eyes. People with bigger eyes might have issues with the length. I love that these already have a good curl on them, because I find most Eyemazing lashes are lacking in that department. Although they are quite shiny and look super fake in the pan compared to other Eyemazing styles, they don't affect the look when worn. Price-wise I think it's good, they retail for 1260yen/pack that comes with 3 pairs. I can see these getting a lot of wears in a pair, so I definitely think they're a good value!

Where to buy this?
La Primavera (ships overseas)


  1. I really want to try these lashes!
    Hopefully soon I can splurge on some new make up and lashes :3

  2. Your eyes are pretty! I am always impressed with people who are good at eyelashes!

  3. They look great O____O I feel the need to add these to my collection too XD but theres so many choices to get. They look great! Please review the NYX cream shadows when you can aswell!

  4. These look so pretty on you! Jun Komori can do no wrong. |D

  5. Great lashes they suit you so well! :D
    Do you have any tips on storing lashes btw? I'd love to see a post on it :D

  6. They look great. Love your eyelash reviews :)

  7. @ Banny
    I'm glad you want to try them! I have a lot of hauls but that's because I get makeup instead of food sometimes, sure shows where my priorities are! haha

    @ Nana
    Thank you! I like people who are good with lashes as well :D

    @ Jen
    There are a lot of choices of lashes, so it's definitely your call if you want to try them! I like the fact that they're different from usual styles and are pretty fancy :D

    @ Abbie
    Thanks so much, and I definitely agree with you! I don't like to idolize models but if I had to I'd idolize Jun *0*

    @ bloomzy

    @ Samispoon
    Thanks so much! For storing/caring for your lashes, I'd love to recommend you to Karisa's blog post about it:

    @ Mzx NiNi
    Thank you! I will be having more soon :D

  8. love it!!! so glad I came across your blog because I been wanting to read a nice blog with good lash reviews and yours is perfect!! ^^

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