Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: Decolog Who's Rich Eyelashes

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I bought these recently while I was up in LA a few weeks ago, which you can see in this post. Sara Mari also has done a review of them recently as well. I usually don't like lashes that are this style (very "furry", to look more natural and full), but I don't know what made me get them. But they were definitely worth a try!

A bit of a closeup on them. They're furry all throughout the lashes, but more defined on the second half of them to give a bit more of a dolly look.

The lash try outside of the packaging. I don't like the tray at all because the lashes are so long and the tray is so small that the packaging hits the tray and squishes the lashes if you aren't careful.

As you can see, I wasn't careful about it and damaged 2 of the lashes. Hopefully I can salvage them in the future but it's really disappointing!

My eye without lashes. Like in the last eyelash review, I'm wearing the new NYX Cream shadows!

Top lashes on, as you can see, they're very full and long!

With top and bottom lashes on. The bottom lashes are Eyemazing No. 202 dupes. I think it's definitely important to balance these lashes out with bottom lashes, or else they look too heavy.

Here's a look I did with these lashes in a previous post. As you can see, these lashes are wonderful if you're doing heavy makeup! Not very good for those who like more neutral/natural makeup.

These lashes are very soft and flexible, meaning they can adjust to anyone's eyes. They are very long, so they should be able to fit most eyes. Like the "Rich" title they have, they are very rich and full of volume and are heavy. They don't look good on their own, but can be paired wonderfully with some heavy/smokey eye makeup. They are an extremely good value and are made by Ginza Cosmetics Labo, who also make the Eyemazing brand. They retail at 1260yen/pack with 5 pairs of lashes.

Where to buy this?
Pinky Paradise
La Primavera


  1. they look really good! I want them (*-*)

  2. I love how full they look!
    Ill definitely buys these lashes!
    Thanks for the review

  3. The lashes are really pretty! I love how they look!

  4. OMG. These just restocked at my Asian cosmetics store.. definitely going to get them! Thanks for the review love :) you look super gorgeous with them on ^^

  5. the lashes look amazing on you!! great review ;)

  6. @ Miru
    Thank you!

    @ Banny
    I'm glad that you liked these! The full look definitely would only work with certain styles, can't imagine someone like a himegyaru wearing these! haha

    @ Nana
    They are very pretty, and I'm glad I tried them even though I thought I wasn't going to like them!

    @ Rindodo
    Thank you so much :D

    @ Jen
    You're lucky you have Asian cosmetic stores with great lashes as well, I'm sure many people are envious about that LOL Thank you though!

    @ Vyvy
    Thank you :D