Wednesday, November 9, 2011

♥ 3 Year Anniversary ♥

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Last Friday was my boyfriend Tony and I's 3rd anniversary together as a couple! I'm really happy to have found the right guy for me, and have a relationship where almost everything is mutual and so loving. I hope for many years to come with him!

But first off, I have to brag about the present he got for me!

I recently renewed my magazine subscription of allure magazine, and 2 samples of this foundation came in a print ad featured last month. I tried the foundation in shade 60 Beige but it was a tad bit dark, so my best friend and I got shade matched at the Chanel counter. Luckily during the month of October they were giving complimentary samples of this line of foundation after getting your free consultation! I am actually still using my samples (I got 3 packets and put them in a container), and I still have about 2 applications that I haven't used yet.

A great review of this foundation can be found on RAEview, definitely check it out if you're interested in this foundation!

In case you're wondering what I got for his present, I ordered him Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for 360! Got to indulge him in his nerdiness if he lets me be a makeup nerd :)

Here's my FOTD, you might recognize it from my post about the DollyEye G 307 Gothic 3 Tones Turquoise lenses.

We made reservations at Pizza e Vino, a very nice pizza restaurant in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. But before we got to the restaurant I decided to stop by Ulta and pick up Urban Decay eyeshadows in X and Lounge. I was very happy to see Angie (salon manager), who used to work at my local Ulta! I have known her for years and was really happy to catch up with her and talk about beauty products. We were actually talking for so long that we were almost late for our reservation! So I had to cut it short with her, but I'm sure I'll be back soon to talk with her :)

We were seated immediately since we had a reservation. They set us up at the counter, so it made it more special since we could see all the pizzas and food being made directly in front of us!
Garlic bread. It's actually more like pizza dough with a bunch of raw garlic on it. It was very good but not very good for kissing breath!
Tony's pizza, which was a red sauce based pizza with sausage and red pepper flakes. I can't really eat too much spicy food anymore due to my acid problems, so he had to finish this off himself!
My pizza, which was a traditional Margherita pizza. It was soo good!
To finish off our lovely dinner, we got handmade cannolis! I got mine in chocolate, it was very decadent!

Pizza e Vino is a great restaurant to go to for a date night. Make reservations if you're planning to go on a weekend dinner night, since they are usually full and run out of food quickly! If you're in OC you should definitely make the trip over with your loved one. Lovely service and amazing food!

and my outfit, since I actually remembered to take a picture of it LOL
Trenchcoat: Yumetenbo
Top: Vanquish
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Torrid
Purse: Yumetenbo


  1. Wow 3 years! Awww congrats that is so cute ^^ nice outfit and wow the food makes me hungryyy~!! Btw I don't have a reply button to my comments so I just wanted to say oh wow you live in OC too? Awesome! I haven't been to the Tokyo Lifestyle nearby UCI yet, but I been to the one at Westminster Mall, Main Place Mall, and Brea Mall! Brea Mall is more pricey though, but I wonder how UCI's is :)

  2. Congratz on your 3 year ani! Your outfit is well coordinated! :D

  3. 3 years! Congratulations! ^^ I love your outfit! The food looks delicious as well~

  4. 3 year anniversary, Congratulations :)

  5. Your outfit looks very cute. Congratulations on 3 years of a wonderful relationship.

  6. Wow 3 year anniversary! congrats :D

  7. Happy 3 years bb! <3 so long~ ^____^ It's almost been a year with my bf~ Love the coat! I have to remember to check Yumetenbo for clothes :D

  8. Congratulations! :D :D
    Such a lovely gift too!

  9. Congrats!! It's wonderful to have such a great person in your life, me and mine recently celebrated SEVEN years. o_o (omgifeelsooldnow)

    And that is a wonderful gift, I am quite jealous~ Looks good!