Friday, November 4, 2011

New Decorative Eyelash Series: PLAYGIRL featuring Emi Suzuki

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Decorative Eyelash is created by SHO-BI, who also creates a line that you might have heard of... Diamond Lash! I believe that Decorative Eyelash came out first and was filled with lots of simple lashes. Like their Diamond Lash cousins, they come with 5 pairs in a pack and retail for 1050yen.

SHO-BI decided to create a new series for Decorative Eyelash called PLAYGIRL, featuring Seventeen and PINKY magazine model Emi Suzuki. These lashes are more suited for a gyaru lifestyle, but are also made so they're not exclusive to the style. There's 12 new styles of lashes all together.

Made for people who are new to eyelashes. They give you a very natural look.

 These remind me a lot of Diamond Lash's Dolly eye from the First series.
These are very similar to Diamond Lash's Fairy eye, but with the volume centered in the middle instead of the corner.
Kind of similar to Diamond Lash's Beauty eye, but it looks like they're a bit shorter.
A cute lower lash that is similar to Diamond Lash's Model eye, except the segments are bigger. This way it makes it easier for people to wear them!

These are to make your eyes look sharp and cool, with a mix of straight and accented volume.

These might look similar to Diamond Lash's Glamorous eye, but I think it actually looks more like Eyemazing No. 001! They are much shorter than Glamorous eye, since it still needs to be wearable for more casual users.
Decorative Eyelash makes great accent lashes (my best friend who's not gyaru LOVES them), and they don't disappoint with this new one.
A cute lower eyelash that's supposed to mimic the look of people who are half-Japanese and half-Western.

For those who are more advanced users of eyelashes. These will make your eyes look very sexy!

This eyelash seems to be one of the most unique ones to this line. I love the fullness of it but the concentrate volume as well near the center.
 A longer and more full version of Diamond Lash's Dolly eye.
A eyelash that would look great with circle lenses and sultry brown eye makeup!
A lower eyelash that has a mix of bold and full strands. While it's supposed to be natural it is also bold!
Reminds me of a more full version of Diamond Lash's Baby eye mixed with Princess eye.

These lashes come with 5 pairs per pack for 1050yen. They are currently only available at Sony Plaza, Loft and Rosemary stores in Japan. Hopefully they'll be available online soon, I want them very badly! I definitely want to try all of the lower lashes!


  1. Ooo lovely, I think the Cool styles might be my favourite :D

  2. They look amazing, I love the cute and sexy ones! Hopefully online availability soon!

  3. Loooove them! I like the Cool and Sexy ones~ :D

  4. This is amazing! I love the conspect on the eyelashes! I love the play cute ones!

  5. I wanna try the bottoms too.There so lovely!

  6. These are all beautiful! I really hope they do become available in the US. I want to try them badly.

  7. @ Sami Spoon
    I definitely agree with you that the Cool styles are the best!

    @ Mimi
    I agree with you that they're so amazing! I really hope so as well, I checked the shop lists and they don't have it available online yet :(

    @ l-article

    @ Nana
    I like the concept too, especially since they want to make them friendly for people who are beginners at wearing lashes!

    @ Lolo
    The bottom lashes are definitely really creative, making this line stand out compared to their main line.

    @ Abbie
    Knowing Marukai it will take them YEARS to get these, since it took 2 years for them to get the Decorative Eyelash main line -_- But maybe some of the Japanese makeup stores in SGV will carry them in the future!

  8. how awesome!! I feel so addicted to false lashes >.< hahah

  9. @ Vyvy
    I am addicted too! I remember the first time I did a Diamond Lash haul I said I have enough lashes to last a life time, but now that I want to try everything I have way too many now >_<

  10. Omg.. I love these *___* I finally got my hands on a set of Diamond lashes (for a reasonable price~) and I love them! I wanna try these too :O

  11. Thanks for following my blog ! ^0^ Follow you back ~ :3 I love play cute #1 and #4 !!!
    Thanks for sharing this ! :D

  12. i use theses everyday! they are my favorite! ppl ask me where i got them from everyday! i cant wait for them to be on online tho..

  13. @ everyone
    Takashimaya (Chinese store based in the US) now has these lashes available!