Thursday, November 3, 2011

NYX at Nordstrom, review of NYX Cream Shadows

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Nordstrom is a high-end department store in the US, so I was surprised when NYX made a post saying they were going to be stocked at one of my local ones! To be honest I was very hesitant and didn't believe it, so I went to their Juniors department and found a makeup display. One side was stila, the other side was Too Faced. On the sides of the main display is where you'll find NYX, Pop Beauty and Sula.
The associate at the store said they only just got this entire makeup display in very recently, so they don't have a lot. I could tell they were very new, because you could even tell that some of the testers haven't been used yet! It was nice to see a makeup display so pristine.
Unfortunately they don't have too much NYX yet, since they're testing how it sells at this store. Luckily they did have a brand new NYX product that's not even on their website yet: Cream Shadow.
There were only a few shades available, probably about 6 total. There were 4 neutrals, a blue color and a purple. I picked up 3 of the neutrals thinking they would be available online, but they aren't so I'm going to go back soon to pick up the rest! They're only $5 each!

My beauties♥
The shade that doesn't have a sticker on the bottom is CRS05 (found on the bar code).
The cream shadows come with a wand applicator, similar to a lipgloss.
Swatches! Top to bottom: CRS10, CRS05, CRS01. CRS01 and CRS05 remind me of Benefit's Moonbeam and Highbeam. So those would definitely be a great alternative to those highlighters if you're pinching for pennies!
These cream shadows are highly pigmented, these swatches have no primer! While these shadows take awhile to dry, I think it's a good thing because you can mix shades together to make a new color! You can see the swatches on the side, I mixed 2 shades together for each one and think they're also very pretty :)
If you don't want to apply directly onto your lids with the wand applicator, I recommend swatching first on your hand and then use your fingers to apply it.

- Highly pigmented!
- Shades are really pretty. I love the shimmer of them!
- Great value at $5 each.
- Amazing staying power. I washed my hands and it stayed on, without primer!

- Takes awhile to dry (but can be a pro if you know how to use it effectively!)
- A bit difficult to apply with the wand.
- Not a lot of shades available.
- Not widely available. Only can get them at select Nordstrom stores.


  1. Oh wow.. O___O;; They look great :O I wish we stocked NYX in our regular stores.. I'll have to get them online if/when they stock it ^___^ Our NYX products usually go for $10-20 online though :/

  2. awesome!!! I wish I had more NYX around here, or at least I wish I knew where to buy it from D:

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog :D
    Whaat? NYX at Nordstrom? I wouldn't have believed it either! Its really odd, but kind of cool!

  4. I love nyx make up, everything is good quality for cheap prices!
    I don't have a Nordstrom around here, but only place to get nyx make up is at Ulta.

  5. @ Jen
    That's so expensive for NYX! If you ever want help getting some NYX products I would definitely help you if you want to :D

    @ Vyvy
    You should definitely check around for NYX, since random stores around me carry it! Ulta is probably the main chain of stores that carry NYX in the US, with a lot of smaller boutiques or clothing stores who carry them. Other national chains that carry NYX are: Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic and Windsor from what I know. If anything, you can e-mail NYX and they can find the closest location that carries them :D

    @ Nancy
    No problem! I love looking at your EOTD, your blending skills are so amazing! I think that NYX and Nordstrom is really cool too, showing that they want to provide some affordable products in comparison with their prestige brands.

    @ Banny
    I love NYX too, their founder/president is one of my style idols! I'm sorry you don't have a Nordstrom around you, but Ulta is definitely a great place to get NYX for now!