Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year! + Giveaway winner

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone who celebrates it! I had a wonderful lunch with my dad's side of the family yesterday and today for lunch with my mom's family. We ate traditional Vietnamese food and made wishes for the elders!

But since my giveaway ended today, I'm sure you're all wondering who won!

the winner is...
Dilia! Coincidentally, she's also friends with the winner of the 1st Year Giveaway, Nenacho!

If you're interested in learning TechPara routines, feel free to visit her on her YouTube channel. Dilia and her boyfriend Kevin are both great paralists ♥


  1. fuuu! that was an awesome coincidence xD right now Im actually with kevin in his house!! so thanks for the little spam y eso! :3
    as soon as I have time Ill send you a mail with my adress and everything!
    thanks so much for making this giveaway; Im soo happy I never won anything before!! xD
    anyways lots of kisses from kevin and myself!! <3