Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My apartment in Hong Kong

Hey everyone! I made it safe to Hong Kong a few days ago, and have just finished unpacking all of my belongings and have gotten settled in. I'm staying in the Kowloon Tong area of Hong Kong and live within a 5-10 minute walk from Festival Walk. I haven't explored too much with public transportation yet, but will very soon so expect some more updates regarding shopping and such in the future. For this post I'd like to show you guys the apartment I'm staying in while I'm here.

The kitchenette with some basics like a microwave, eletric kettle, and small stove top. I've got some food in the pantry including some fruits, granola bars, cereal, tea and crackers.

This is supposed to be my living area and dining table, but because of cramped space I am using this as my area to apply makeup. It will stay messy probably for the rest of the trip since I need to do my makeup!

Front of my bed and my shoes! The shoes are all from Yumetenbo or Galstar. I bought insole inserts prior to the trip to make the shoes a bit more comfortable when I walk.

My bed and purse. My Duffy is very snuggled up in the bed!

My computer area. The power strip behind my computer is completely useless because it blew after going through the converter for voltage in Hong Kong. :(

My closet with some jackets, sweaters, a button up shirt and a dress. I didn't pack heavy coats since it's spring now in Hong Kong and later when I get to Japan as well.

The TV area with my hats, hair irons (which I'm scared to use with the converter since they use a lot of power), and drawers with my clothes and accessories. I didn't open up the drawers because I don't think anyone wants to see my underwear or bras!

The top of my bathroom counter.

A more detailed shot of the first half of the counter. Bandages, cotton puffs, lotion, deodorant, cleansing oil, eye drops, perfumes, hair creme, moisturizers (day and night), toner, lip balm, toothpaste and toothbrush.

The other half of my counter. Mouthwash, hand sanitizer, hand soap, contact solution, toner, makeup brush cleanser and jar, cups, circle lenses, and face wipes.

Outside view of the shower. I love how the walls are pink! It's almost like if it was made for me.

My shower area with WEN, shampoo (for my roots and bangs), razor, shaving cream, facial soap, facial scrub, body wash.

The outside view from my window. It's a very nice day out so far since the sun is out!

Another bonus picture is of the bathroom counter when I first arrived with all of my makeup and toiletries. I wanted to take this picture just to show how small the space really is in the bathroom!


  1. I'm so jealous! This must be a really great experience! I'm always amazed how small things are compared to America. We're so spoiled. Glad everything seems well and you're able to update!

    1. I got even luckier that my internship is delayed by a week since my supervisor got called out on a business trip! So it gives me more time to get familiar with my surroundings and figure out how to get around :D I'm also very fortunate that my mom's best friend lives very close to my apartment and has been helping me with some of the essentials!

      We're definitely spoiled in the US with all of the space we have! I've gotten used to it like when I was in Japan, but definitely feels more cramped here since the population density is crazy.

  2. Oh wow! I want to go to Hong Kong someday~ even though the space is small, it still looks super cute I guess. I like small areas I guess lol :D

    1. It's lovely! Especially since most people and places are bi-lingual so it's easy to be here. I think the small-ness of the apartment is pretty cute as well, especially with the little details like the pink shower :D

  3. You have a cute and cosy place! :D
    Enjoy all your time in HK!!


  4. I did an internship in HK too a couple years ago except my place was even smaller.. but it was near HKU and I worked in Wan Chai. I hope you get to explore before you start working! :D

    1. Yeah I definitely understand that! I actually got a deluxe apartment in my building since it was the only one available for my time here. I have a week to explore since I start on Monday, but it's good to get used to it here beforehand. My work will be in Hung Hom!

  5. Enjoy Hong Kong life !! I live in Guangzhou so I often go to HK to do some shopping , I love it sooo much !!
    How long are you gonna stay there ? :)
    Bye bye !

    1. Hello! I will be here until 4/19.