Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Update and possible hiatus?

Hey everyone! Sorry for being MIA for the past month. After I got back from my trip in NYC I became really ill and only just recovering from it. I had a really violent flu and sinus infection.

As some of you know, I will be leaving to stay in Hong Kong for a month and then I will be in Japan for 10 days. I am leaving this Sunday! I have heard Blogger has some restrictions in HK/China, so there is a chance I won't be able to blog while I am abroad. I will of course use my Tumblr while I am away in the case I don't have time for longer blog posts, so please follow me there if you want to see quick glimpses into what I'm up to!

Anyone that's interested in my custom Diamond Lash packs, please inquire and pay for them by this Friday, 3/15, in order to guarantee you will have your lashes before I leave!

For those that have been to Hong Kong, please recommend some places for me to check out! I got some recommendations from Rin already, but if anyone else knows any gyaru specific clothing/shoes and beauty stores... let me know! :)


  1. Sorry to hear that you were so sick. From your statuses on facebook, it sounded really bad. :( Hopefully you'll feel much better before HK! Have a safe trip and take lots of pictures to share! :D Will be looking forward to your future posts~

  2. Have fun! Send me messages on tumblr if you wanna visit more places :) I dont wanna confuse you too much with places and directions, but once you familiarize yourself with HK it'll be easier! Theres a couple of must-go places I would recommend, but if you want more, let me know ^^